The Grizzly Growl

Patrick Hawkins
Patrick wanted to get more involved in creative writing and he felt joining the newspaper would be a great way to do that, but in a more structured, professional manner; he believes this will be able to help him to be more successful in his future career and life in general. In addition to being an editor with The Grizzly Growl, Patrick is the Spirit and Pride Officer for choir, and is involved in the theater program through the school’s musicals and plays. If he could change anything about his life, Patrick would have liked to have been born outside of the United States, because he feels America lacks a distinct culture and tradition through the diversity present across the country. Patrick’s favorite book is Lolita; he loves how it is different from other literature he has read, as it is more poetic and descriptive- almost to a fault. If given the opportunity to be any animal, he would love to be an orangutan. He feels it would be great to be able to swing from trees and to lounge in the forest all day long; he also loves their cool looking, flat faces. He plans to take a little time between high school and college to have a little bit of adventure and self-exploration before settling down to start his career path. Patrick plans to study nursing at the University of Utah, after which he wants to become a Certified Registered Nurse so he can help others and save lives.

Patrick Hawkins, Arts & Entertainment Editor

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