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What Happened to Winter Formal?

Portia Price, Sports Editor

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In September, students got their hopes up when a poll on the Copper Hills High Twitter account asked about a possible winter formal. The poll read: “Admin. Wants to know if there is overwhelming support for a Winter Formal Dance in [December].” With over 360 votes, and 77% supporting, students are confused as to why the formal isn’t happening.

According to Principal Quarnberg, we used to have a Winter Formal, but it was not successful. They tried everything from changing it from boys’ to girls’ choice to it not being a couples dance at all. It was also switched from formal to semi-formal, and that didn’t work either. Quarnberg said, “We tried to do the winter formal for about 4 or 5 years, maybe even longer. It just never got the support it needed. I would guess we had a maximum of 30 couples, a total of 60 kids. Nobody came. I don’t know why.”

Many other schools in our district have a formal in the winter. Bingham Ball is successful for the Miners, West Jordan’s Winter Waltz and Herriman’s Winter Ball also do well. So why didn’t ours work out? Mr. Quarnberg thinks it has a lot to do with the time of year. “In the Christmas season, students are trying to save money, and those who have it are giving to Paws for a Cause. We even tried to improve attendance by saying all money [collected] goes to Paws for a Cause, and it still didn’t work out. We were just losing money.”

To solve the problem with attendance, the Winter Formal was changed to the Halloween Dance about three years ago. Quarnberg says, “The success of it has grown exponentially over the years, and it makes a lot more money that we can give to Paws for a Cause.” Student Government was looking to make the switch back this year. Morgan Harris, SBO Historian says, “Nobody in any of the classes here has experienced a winter formal at Copper Hills. I think we could have had a high attendance this year.” With high hopes, they pretty much planned everything needed to make the dance happen. By making small changes such as having a playlist instead of a DJ, making cheap decorations, and holding it in the school’s gym instead of a venue, they should be able to cut down costs. Student Government even found a date that would work out. Harris continues, “We all discussed it and tried to plan it out without our advisors there, and everyone was pretty much on board. We were all really nervous to bring it up because we knew Adamson (the student government advisor) was against it. So when we did, he just had so many reasons to shut us down.” Administration urged them to keep the dance’s history in mind and concluded that it was likely that we would not have enough people in attendance to break even. Morgan goes on, “We tried to fight it, but then we did another vote, and a lot of the officers changed their minds and decided it’s too much work for a possibility of it not even working out.” Jacob Petersen, Senior Ambassador adds, “For the record, I think a lot of us wanted to do it, but admin and advisors wrecked us and had a counter for every point we made.”

Quarnberg says, “I was skeptical when the idea was proposed, and I think Student Government made the right decision by not doing it. It has to pay for itself, and we’re not sure if it would. I would have supported whatever student government chose to do, but they voted not to do it and to focus their energy on the Halloween Dance and Paws for a Cause instead.” Although it’s a little disappointing, having the Halloween Dance will mean more money for struggling families during Paws for a Cause, and it’s still fun to dress up and go dance with a bunch of your friends, regardless of if it takes place in the fall or the winter.

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What Happened to Winter Formal?