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What Toothpaste Really Does for Us

Chasity Mayo, Co-Editor in Chief

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Many teenagers today are obsessed with their pearly whites, and making their smiles the flashiest in town. Before going to bed, we all engage in the ritual of brushing our teeth, preparing to shock people with our minty breath and white smiles. Fluoride, a compound introduced to us during dental cleanings, is put into our everyday toothpaste brands. Is fluoride good for you? Does it have any proven benefits?

Fluoride, one of the main ingredients of name brand toothpaste, is an interesting topic. In a poll ran by The Growl, 50% of Grizzlies said they were Colgate users. “I use Colgate, and I like it because it helps whiten my teeth,” said Lexi Holladay, our senior class secretary. Colgate, a well known toothpaste brand, contains this mystery compound.

In relation to Colgate, Crest is another well known toothpaste brand containing fluoride. “This is the best stuff,” said senior Anne Foisy. Anne is actually correct, fluoride is the best. Everyday, it is actually slowing down the process of tooth decay, which is something most of us will celebrate. So unbeknownst to our students, fluoride in toothpaste is actually doing more good for you than it is bad.

So really, the type of toothpaste you use is entirely up to you. Whether you are looking for whitening agents, natural ingredients, or anything beyond that, there is a toothpaste out there for you. But no matter what brand you choose to buy, I’m sure the dentist will be happy you made the choice of brushing your teeth.

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