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Middle Earth: Shadow of War

A Review

Dillon Sprague-Fitzpatrick, Staff Writer

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Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is the sequel to the award winning Middle-Earth: Shadows of Mordor game. The new missions in the game are amazing and include one mission where you attack a fort and use your companions to overtake the enemy commander. The game itself is set between the events of the Hobbit and the Lord of The Rings. The storyline is a lot more expansive than its predecessor, designed with the new expansion of the Nemesis System to ensure that every player gets a different experience.

The Nemesis System is a system that allows for every character (both good and bad) to have their own personalities and backstories that change with the world. In other words, as you change, so do the enemies as well as the surrounding area. Talion will be returning from the first game as well as Celebrimbor, both of which were main characters in the first game. Other than these, there will be a completely new cast of characters. The followers are one example of soldier who will fight by your side to ensure victory as you attack fortresses. The new ring of power that’s featured in the game has a unique range of abilities available to the player, such as teleportation and invisibility. This new ring of power is crafted by the duo antagonists Talion and Celebrimbor in order to take down Sauron.

Now onto the world itself. It is much more expansive and has several new areas to explore. It is also much more personalized as decisions you make will affect the warlords who will face you at every fortress. The warlords will change with the players’ decisions, which adds to the idea that no two players will have the same experience. For example, if you have a warrior on your side of the battle, he can decide to betray you and become an enemy later down the road. This allows for you to be more engulfed and feel more involved in the world itself.

After you take over a fortress from a overlord, you can assign one of your own followers to take over as the new overlord. Depending on your pick, you can get different resources that help make your army stronger. This has a lot to do with a strategy side of the game, making sure that your army is constantly growing and becoming more powerful. This will affect your progression through the game, making it harder or easier depending on how well you manage your forces. If you manage them in a bad way, they might betray you. If you manage them in a good way, they will stay loyal and fight by your side.

The game’s graphics have been enhanced just as much as the mechanics. New shadows and textures add a more realistic feel to the game, allowing for more immersion. Last but not least, the rating for the game is going to be M for blood and gore, as well as intense violence. This is because you will see many orcs limbs get cut off. This is all-in-all a great game with lots of mechanics and different stories that make for a different experience every time you play. You should really check it out, especially if you are a fan of The Lord of the Rings.

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Middle Earth: Shadow of War