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Save the Grizzly Grub

The Grizzly Grub is a great place to get snacks or some quality work experience. Photo by Autumn Lucas.

The Grizzly Grub is a great place to get snacks or some quality work experience. Photo by Autumn Lucas.

The Grizzly Grub is a great place to get snacks or some quality work experience. Photo by Autumn Lucas.

Hala Louviere, News Editor

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We’ve all had days full of forgotten assignments, failed tests, and pounds of homework. These are days we must appreciate the little things in life, like our favorite candy, drink, or another sweet treat. Thankfully at Copper Hills, we don’t need to wait until we get home for our sugary encouragement, because we have the Grizzly Grub. The Grub is run by students in business classes and members of the Business and Marketing club. Without them, we couldn’t buy our favorite snacks at school.

The Business and Marketing (BAM) club at Copper Hills is a combination of two other clubs – DECA and FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America). DECA and FBLA both have very similar events to compete in, so Copper Hills combined them. BAM is focused on helping students become better public speakers, prepare them for business careers, and even help them build good study habits. According to the FBLA website, the club’s purpose is to “bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs.” Sydney Whitworth, 2017-2018 BAM President, proved this to be true. “DECA has not only helped me feel comfortable with business material, but also helped me gain skills for job interviews and other professional needs. I’ve gained so many friends from it, too.”

Because many of the BAM events require participating in a project or business, the Grizzly Grub is very important to the club’s success. Last year, Preston Van Valkenburgh, Ethan Ramos, and Bailey Van Wagoner went to DECA Internationals and presented about the Grub. Preston, 2017-2018 BAM Vice President, said “having worked in both the Grizzly Grub and Grizzly Den, I was able to gain knowledge and experience as well as see first hand how a small business is run.”

In addition to helping the BAM members with their competitive success, the Grizzly Grub benefits Copper Hills through profits, services, and donations to Paws for a Cause. All year, the Grub makes profits that go towards the business department of the school, but during December, all of its proceeds go to Paws for a Cause. The Grizzly Grub is a huge contributor in our yearly service. “The Grizzly Grub benefits CHHS by offering easy access to snacks, drinks, and even full meals, as well as giving real world experience and possible college credit to the students who work there,” according to Preston.

With the success of the Grub last year, there were hopes of getting an expansion. “Unfortunately, the administration decided not to expand the school store and instead we will be solely in the Grizzly Grub,” said Ms. Rickee Stewart, one of the business teachers at Copper Hills. Now is the time to really support our school store and show the administration how important it is. Buy lunch, snacks, drinks, and C.H.A.O.S. gear there, or even work there through a business class or BAM. It is easy to support BAM, Copper Hills, and Paws for a Cause through the Grub so let’s make sure it sticks around.

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