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Come August 28th through September 1st, club officers and members will flood the commons with booths and flyers in one of the greatest grizzly traditions: rush week. Each will be proclaiming why you should join their club and the benefits of membership. The Grizzly Growl compiled a non-comprehensive guide of the clubs you can join and their basic information.


ASL (American Sign Language)

President: Madison Collotzi

Advisor: Ms. Boren

How to join: Registration requires filling out a form and paying a $20 fee. The money gets you a t-shirt and goes towards the activities.

What they do: You don’t need to know sign to join ASL club. Officers and teachers help students learn new signs, and the activities encourage growth.  
Why you should join this club: “ASL club is a learning and growing experience and anyone can come join and feel welcomed and will learn the history of ASL and new sigs that they will hopefully learn to love!” -Madison


BAM (Business and Marketing)

President: Sydney Whitworth

Advisor: Mr. Tranter, Mr. Willardson, Ms. Whitlock, Ms. Stewart

How to join: There is an application and fee. For more information, come to our opening social on Thursday, August 31st.

What they do: At meetings we get to know one another, prepare for competitions, and enhance our presentation and business skills.
Why you should join this club: “Four out of five of the top careers involve business. It’s just reality. It prepares you for what your career future is most likely to be, statistically.” -Mr. Tranter



President: Andrea Horrocks

Advisor: Mr. Dean

How to join: To join Chinese club, talk to Mr. Dean or Andrea. If you’re in any of Mr. Dean’s Chinese classes, then you’re already considered part of the club. Anyone is welcome.

What they do: At our socials, you can expect to be learning more about Chinese culture – from watching movies to calligraphy.

On the day of socials, we will have out “Panda Propaganda” ladies dressed as pandas.. They will tell you the Chinese word of the day, and if you can tell the word to Mr. Dean or the club president, they will give you a treat.
Why you should join this club: Join if you are interested in Chinese language and culture.

Educators Rising

President: Jacob Peterson

Advisor: Ms. Tibbits and Mr. Jensen

How to join: Come to the first club meeting. There are no fees.

What they do: We learn the techniques that make a good teacher, and practice on one another. We also will invite guest teachers to talk to the club. You can check out
Why you should join this club: It is an opportunity for students to explore if teaching is for them.

“Students should join this club because either you really like students or you really don’t. Either way, you are the kind of student that needs to make school better.” -Ms. Tibbits

Dr. Spaulding
Environmental Club picking up trash.

Environmental Science

Advisor: Dr. Spaulding

How to join: Contact Dr. Spaulding by email, drop by his room (2810) between 7am and 3pm, or talk to the students at the table during rush week.  

What they do: The activities in this club are up to the members. There is interest in starting a community garden by building garden boxes, and planting some winter crops this fall. There is also an career day event, the opportunity for fundraising and socials, and potential birding trips.
Why you should join this club: Environmental Science Club will provide students with an opportunity to expand on skills and concepts in Environmental Science and to give students a chance to discuss current issues and participate in community service.

FCCLA (Family, Career, & Community Leaders of America)

President: Maren Kelly

Advisor: Ms. Brooks

How to join: Fill out and turn in a basic FCCLA form.

What they do: FCCLA has something for everyone. We have child development and culinary arts, but also events related to public speaking and business. We are a service and community oriented club so it’s a great way to get more involved with fellow students and community.
Why you should join this club: It’s a really great way to make more connections with people all over the school. We want a lot of new members this year, so come check us out!


FFA (Future Farmers of America)

President: Olivea Farey

Advisor: Mr. Rindlisbacher

How to join: All you need is an interest in agriculture. If you are uncertain what career you want to pursue, this is a good club for you. The fee is $20.

What they do: The club meets once a month. We do competitions, compete and the state convention, and have ag-based activities. Last year we carved pumpkins, roped, and had a Boot Scootin’ Boogie dance off. The competitive events range from dairy cow judging to public speaking.
Why you should join this club: “People think FFA is just for people with boots and country music, but it’s not. It’s something for you to discover yourself.” -Camille Lundgren, Vice President


French Club

President: Jackie Gutierrez

Advisor: Madame Keeper

How to join: Give your name and contact information at the rush week table.

What they do: Meetings are filled with hands-on learning about French culture, including trying food. It is a safe environment that will help you prepare for school and scholarship applications.
Why you should join this club: It is a smaller club, which means it can do more for each individual. It also gives members a positive environment to be a part of.

French Club Officers, 2017-2018


President: Elann Allison

Advisor: Ms. Hickenlooper

How to join: Contact anyone in German club or Mrs. Hickenlooper, or show up to any activities and we’ll give you more info. You don’t need to be in the German class or know any German.

What they do: We do German activities like baking cookies and playing games. We get to know each other and the culture. Let us know if there are activities you are interested in incorporating.
Why you should join this club: It is a very friendly, enjoyable club with no German background needed to enjoy the fun socials planned.


HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America)

President: Aspen Stevens

Advisor: Ms. Gonsalves

How to join: There are no qualifications, just a paper application and a $25 fee. The form will be at our table at rush week, or can be found in Ms. Gonsalves’ room.

What they do: We participate in all the school programs likes Homecoming and Paws for a Cause. Occasionally, we have speaker come share about their profession. We also have holiday centered activities, many of which are service projects. We put on the blood drive and have our state competition in March.
Why you should join this club: “HOSA is a nationally recognized club that has opportunities for scholarships and great experiences with health and service based careers. We also do a lot of service which looks great on college applications and we have a ton of fun.” -Aspen


Key Club

President: Kelly Le

Advisor: Ms. Beatty

How to join: It is free to join, but a $20 donation will help with the service projects and get you a certificate, pin, and membership card.

What they do: We meet twice a month. One is a social with food and the other is a service project. In the past we’ve visited the refugee center, and visited Copper Canyon Elementary.
Why you should join this club: It looks good on applications, is an excellent opportunity to engage in service, and will help you earn the Copper Service Award. It is also a chance to meet people.


LIA (Latinos in Action)

President: Jackie Morales

Advisor: Lauren Rojas

How to join: The only requirement is that students maintain a 2.5 GPA. Anyone is welcome and you do not have to be Spanish speaking. Fill out an application and have a counselor add the class to your schedule.

What they do: Our main goal is to better out lives through education, leadership, professionalism, and service. We do service activities, like tutoring elementary school students and being a role model for that. LIA also has socials, helping to create a stronger bond between members.
Why you should join this club: “It is a way for us to embrace and all together learn about the Latino culture…We are known to be “a familia” and treat and love one another as one.” -Jackie

LIA Club Officers


MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science, Achievement)

President: Lashell Kujawa

Advisor: Ms. Meyer, Mr. Manwaring

How to join: Talk to either advisor or anyone on the council.

What they do: We have fun while learning things related to math, engineering, and science. Our meetings are full of hands-on experiments.
Why you should join this club: We have something for everyone.


One Nation

President: Karlee Jacobson

Advisor: Ms. Lewis

How to join: Fill out a permission slip from Ms. Lewis in the counseling center.

What they do: We do service projects, participate in planning the anti-bullying and suicide prevention assemblies, monthly socials, campaigns, and any school activities.
Why you should join this club: One Nation increases awareness and informs students in how they can help others. One Nation provides a great group of supportive friends. We have a lot of fun and work hard to make the school a better place.

“I truly believe strength comes in numbers. The more people we can involve and inform the better we will be. I hope to see lots of new faces this year. I can’t wait for another great year!” -Karlee


Science Club

President: Trinity Silimon

Advisor: Mr. Manwaring, Ms. Meyer

How to join: Give your name to the science club table and pay a $15 fee.

What they do: We have socials once a month. Each will cover a different area of science. We frequently have food, as well as the chance to get to know a bunch of cool people.
Why you should join this club: This is a laidback club where students can get together and just enjoy learning.


Skills USA

Advisor: Mr. Crane

How to join: Talk to Mr. Crane

What they do: Meetings include preparing for competitions and learning leadership principles. There is a litany of competitions available at our state convention.
Why you should join this club: “It helps you prepare for your future career, but more importantly to lead in your job field. A lot of colleges and universities will consider you more if you have Skills USA on your application.” -Andrew Rich, State Officer


Slam Poetry Team & Club

President: Amaya Petersen

Advisor: Mr. Haslam

How to join: talk to the president or advisor

What they do: At club meetings, we write poetry, edit, and practice performance techniques. We compete on the last Friday of every month.
Why you should join this club: It is very different than most clubs we have at Copper Hills. You will get to meet people, improve your writing, exercise your creativity, and get the chance to compete.


The Grizzly Growl (Newspaper)

Editors-in-Chief: Chastity Mayo and Autumn Lucas

Advisor: Mr. Haslam

How to join: Talk to Mr. Haslam or either of the editors in chief

What they do: As part of the newspaper staff, students will produce the monthly edition of the school newspaper through writing and editing articles, interviewing other students, taking pictures, creating art, and adding it all to the layout and website.
Why you should join this club: Newspaper gives students the opportunity to become better writers, be a part of a family-like staff, and produce something that benefits the rest of the student body.



President: Tiaree McGee

Advisor: Mr. Morrell

How to join: You can sign up at the theatre club table at rush week. There is a $25 fee. You are welcome to join our family even if you aren’t interested in doing shows.

What they do: We have snacks, games like improv, receive tips on acting, and have a lot of fun.
Why you should join this club: “Students should join theatre club because it’s a place where you can come to find a safe haven and a home, meet new people, make friends and learn a new skill.” – Tiaree


Video Game Club

President: Zach White

Advisor: Mr. Marquez

How to join: It is a $20 fee and an application.

What they do: To start, we have an orientation on Friday, September 1st. Throughout the year we have themed socials, opportunities to mingle with other gamers, and play video games.
Why you should join this club: “I was super, super scared to come to Copper Hills. Every time I come to video game club, it feels like home. It is inclusive and a group of people to be a part of.” -Natalie Smiley, Bracket Manager

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