Who do you want to call…? Latinos in Action!

Luisa Madadov and Em Tran


In the commons of Copper Hills High School, students chat with one another during lunch while enjoying their food. Some other students run stands where they sell foods and drinks and use the money they raise to donate to leukemia cancer. This group of students is the Latinos In Action club. 

Latinos In Action is a club at Copper Hills High School. The club welcomes everyone to join and learn about the latino community and work as a team to create a positive change. They also work as a team to raise money for fundraisers once every year. 

 “I think it’s like a really good opportunity to get our Latino community in our school to be more active and help out a really good fundraiser and foundation to gain money to show people that we are here,” says Alan, an upcoming leader in Latinos In Action. Their club is one of the most visible cultural groups in the school. He also wishes for everyone to always be respectful to each other and enjoy the activities throughout the club. 

LIA is helping those in need find treatment by raising this money and donating to the leukemia foundation. Leukemia is a cancer where it prevents white blood cells from fighting infections and multiplying uncontrollably. Luckily, leukemia can be treated with therapies and medications. In the previous year, the club raised around $7,500 and the goal for this year was to raise more than last year.  

With the club getting more and more recognized by the students at Copper Hills, the future that Alan hopes for the club if he’s accepted for leadership is an enticing opportunity. Planning to make the club more inclusive by hoping to welcome a wider range of members other than just latinos into the club. 

“Latinos In Actions have been able to build a really good community in this school. One that like everyone knows who we are in a way. We have been here a bit longer so people know us more,” Alan said, regarding the other clubs at Copper Hills High School. He hopes for more students to join the club and make connections with others. Alan hopes for more accomplishments in the future with the club.