Peach Pit

Peach Pit may offer the best show out there, and you need to experience it.


Marissa McElreath

Neil Smith, Christopher Vanderkooy, Peter Wilton, and Mikey Pascuzzi make up the Vancouver based band, Peach Pit. Producing music since 2017 they are a pop band with occasional strong hints of country sound. Neil Smith’s vocals have a way of calming the cortex of your brain while still being able to produce music to head bang to. The band has a lot of variety in their songs however all of them are still connected with a more pop-like sound. 

In 2022 Peach Pit released their newest album, From 2 to 3 and inevitably went on tour to bring their music nation wide. The album has 11 songs; each with their own little personalities. All the lyrics are super catchy and it’s difficult to not have one of these songs stuck in your head for hours on end. Vickie, Look Out!, and Give Up Baby Go all have perfect examples of such lyrics. All the songs sound even better in person, too.

The electric guitar took the show with its immersive tune as it took you back to when you first discovered Peach Pit in the 8th grade- sitting in your room on that hot summer day. Neil’s vocals take you back to the now. Almost pulling you by force they take you back to the room filled with a sweaty sold-out show with people shouting nonsenses. His vocals sound exactly like they did in the studio recordings you listened to on the car ride over but even better. But like every live show, his vocals travel better in the crowd. The whole band keeps the energy high as they travel across the stage, instrument across shoulder. They consistently maintain the rock-like mannerisms with the classic devil-horn-gestures and head-banging. 

The band had a very intense and rock-like entrance including a classic crowd surf from the band’s vocalist, Neil Smith. Neil talked consistently in between songs, which is always a nice cherry on top to make the band seem more personable, because in the end, they are just people– people with mad talent in performing and writing songs. The Depot (the concert venue) was a full house and every fan knew nearly every lyric to every song performed, you could feel the energy and passion clouding up the room. With passion comes mosh pits and the mosh pits to this concert definitely fit the music. They were small and pretty calm but still had enough exhilaration to compactly fill the room.

All in all, the band and concert get six out of five stars and I will definitely be seeing them when they go on tour again and so should you. Until their next tour you can listen to their music on all streaming platforms and entertain yourself with their Instagram, @peachpit17. Their posts and stories definitely show a lot of character and hook you in for a good ol’ giggle.