Options To Consider Before Arena Scheduling

Katelynn Thorpe

With arena scheduling on the way, it is important to be aware of the options students have to take to help them succeed academically. There are several types of classes to take, Honors, Concurrent Enrollment, Advanced Placement (AP), JATC, and online classes. Make sure to consider all the options before arena scheduling begins for this upcoming 2023-2024 school year.

With course requests, students can select up to eight classes they might want to take next year. These requests allow the counselors to build the Master Schedule. This schedule shows students when classes can be taken and who teaches them. This will help formulate schedules for the next school year. 

As you go through the arena scheduling process, it is important to ensure students are getting all their required credits into their schedules. 27 combined credits from English, social studies, math, science, elective, and CTE classes. Sometimes there are classes students want to take but don’t have room in their schedule. If this is the case, students should talk with their counselors, who will help them figure out what classes will most benefit students as well as get them set up in online courses as well. 

Online classes are mostly run through a program called Seats. It connects students with online high schools around the valley and navigates them toward the ones that have the online classes they want to take. If online classes are not students’ forte they might want to consider doing a paper packet or figuring out which classes to remove that they don’t need. 

Several students at Copper Hills opt. to sign up for a JATC, Jordan Academy of Technology and Careers, classes. These classes are loads of fun and help prepare students for careers outside of school. There are courses such as Criminal Justice, Fire Science, Horticulture, Nail Tech, and much more. This is an amazing opportunity and it allows those who are interested in these careers to get a kick start. 

Part of students’ schedules may be release time or work release. Release time is for seminary classes, this is a religious class. Several students may be interested in this option but not have room in their schedule, if that is the case, there is an early morning seminary, talk to the seminary president to get set up with a zero-hour seminary. There is also a work release for those who have a job and can work during school hours. Students must go to work, this is not a free class period. Students are leaving school to go to their job, not taking time off to not be at school. If students have any questions about signing up for the work release they should talk to their counselor.

One final option students can take advantage of is Advanced Placement and concurrent enrollment classes. These classes will help prepare students for college and also get them college credit. Concurrent classes give automatic college and high school credits as long as students pass the class. These classes are the ones with the four numbers at the end of the class option, for example, English 1010. With Advanced Placement classes students take a test in the fourth quarter and the grade on that test will determine whether or not they receive college credit for the course. Students will still receive credit towards their graduation whether or not they pass the AP exam at the end of the year, as long as they passed the class. 

Arena scheduling is a great experience and an amazing way to prepare students for their futures. Copper Hills has so many options for classes and this will help them select courses relevant to their chosen career path and take the classes they want to take. Scheduling begins on May 15th for seniors, 17 for juniors, and 19th for sophomores. If anyone has any further questions or concerns they should talk to their counselor in the counseling center.