Dance Company’s Spring Concert


Teanna Sorensen, Co-Editor in chief

Today, April 14th is opening night of Copper Hills Dance Company’s Spring Concert: Explore. The company also has shows on the 15th and 17th. One of the unique aspects of the team’s spring concert is that the majority of the pieces are student choreographed. Dance Co. members have been working on these pieces since August and it’s a competitive process to get a piece picked for the concert. 

Each year, four choreography showings are held. Dancers can create any kind of dance as long as it fits in the theme of the concert. With this Spring’s theme being “Explore,” dancers were encouraged to create dances that reflect places around the world. Senior Dance Co. member, Sage Jones, has had a piece in concert every year since he joined the team. This year he has two pieces, a creepy-dark contemporary titled Voo-Doo that he co-choreographed with fellow senior, Afytnn White and the concert’s finale, Salem. Salem is a whole production itself. With smoke machines, costume changes, and brilliant choreography, the piece is a perfect ending to the already amazing concert. The dancers have been working on their self-choreographed dances for months and are thrilled to showcase their creations.

All the preparation and countless hours of rehearsals make the performance worth it. The feeling of the stage lights on a performer’s face make every single tear worth it. Come support Dance Company this weekend and see all their hard work on the dance floor.