Meg Young Profile


Ethan Brewster

Meg Young is an influential figure at Copper Hills. Her responsibilities range from talking to the students and helping them enjoy their high school experience to staying up all night to decorate the school for Christmas. These are the things that Meg has been doing as the Student Body Officer President.

Meg first began her venture to do something bigger by joining the Hope Squad at her middle school, Sunset Ridge. Her goal was to have an impact on the students without running for a position, so she got the best of both worlds when joining the Hope Squad. During this time, though, the Hope Squad had been working side by side with the student council, which unofficially started her student council endeavors. She strived to help others not feel like how she felt moving from Las Vegas, Nevada to Utah when she was 12.

During her entire freshman year, Meg was working with the SBOs and doing tasks as if she were one of them. Meg was then told by many of her classmates that she should just run for office her sophomore year, but Meg didn’t want to face the stresses of an in-person election which deterred her from running. Then a tragedy struck which was a blessing in disguise for this soon-to-be candidate. Covid impacted everyone, but this was perfect for Meg because the elections were being held online because she didn’t have to face her struggle with a physical election. Thirty minutes before the application was due, she filled it out and sent it in. She won a spot in the office but now had to interview with the outgoing senior class officers to determine which exact position she would be in for her sophomore year. The outgoing senior class decided that Meg would be the sophomore president. She wanted to run as a vice president in her junior year, but she was pressured by friends into running as the president which she ended up winning. Following suit, she basically fell right into the student body president position the following year. 

Throughout her regular class time, Meg is typically working on her SBO duties (like figuring out plans for events coming up) or answering texts from administrators that might need her help. She also texts the other SBOs to work out plans for different events. After school, Meg usually goes to 1-2 meetings about various topics. These meetings can be held at school or outside of school depending on the topic. She might have different things to plan or different admin to talk to. The time she spends working as an SBO range from 7-16 hours a day (Including being in school). During times like Paws for a Cause, she usually spends 12 hours out of her day just working on various activities for the event like counting the money or finding ways to make more money. On days like Homecoming, Meg might be at school working for 14-16 hours just to get everything ready. Meg regularly talks about her appreciation for her team of SBOs who work hard and help her with all of these different events. This time spent impacts Meg because she misses things like her little brother’s birthday. Meg doesn’t get to spend much time with her family. Meg said, “My mom will text me every now and then and be like ‘so are we going to see you today?’ And I’m like ‘no, probably not.’” 

Meg has to find solutions to problems not only for her personal issues but for the students of our school too. Her job is to represent the students so if they have an issue she is expected to help solve it. In Meg’s words, the student body office, “Bridges the gap between students and admin.” On top of all of this, she has personal problems to deal with too. Her biggest problem is that she constantly is in the view of the public eye. She gets reminded daily that she is always being watched by others inside of the school and that they look at her to be a role model. This only adds to the stress of her role and it shapes the way that she appears to others. 

Besides being an SBO president Meg spends her time with other clubs and activities such as ASIA, Project Embrace, the School Newspaper, and she tries to go to as many socials for other clubs as possible. Outside of school, though, she can play nine instruments and has been snowboarding for about ten years. She’s also in a band called London and the Seadogs. Her plans for the future consist of getting a degree from BYU so that she can become a music teacher.

Being an SBO president has given Meg confidence and has allowed her to learn many things. Meg is a big supportive role that this school needs and is always a bright face to everyone that needs her help. She is the Copper Hills SBO to help and support others, sacrificing her own time to better others’ high school experience. She is very appreciated and important to Copper Hills.