Facts About the Great Salt Lake

  1. “It’s salty.” -Emie Fuller
  2. “There’s shrimp or something in it, there’s sand, it smells bad, its big” -Kjestianna Crowther
  3. “There was a government project while my dad was a kid that was pumping huge amounts of it out to try to keep it from flooding. but they were so inefficient. it was rising, and I think it would’ve started flooding some neighborhoods but the pumping was expensive and only reducing it at the rate of half an inch a year.” -Andrew Butts
  4.  “It’s salty, and it’s drying up. There was a huge fire at the building there and they still haven’t fixed it up” -Brooke Garret
  5. “I know it used to be a big basin during the Pangea, and had a different name,” -Ms. Hendrickson
  6. “Brine Shrimp can live in it because of the salt. When the Salt dried up there became mounds of salt. Mirailite or Glauber’s Salt” -Alexis Morse
  7. “There’s a lot of brine shrimp and most of them are dead. It smells disgusting; like sulfur.” -Brookelynn Hill
  8. “Second Saltiest lake in the world. Main Source of income in Utah comes from getting jars of brine shrimp with ‘grow your own brine shrimp’ things. There is the Spiral Jetty made of rocks that you can see now because the lake is shrinking.” -Michael Manning