Wellness Room

Taylor Patton

School can be like a tornado and sometimes you just need shelter. High school students go through a lot each and every day. It is critical for hard-working high school students to get the rest they need to work efficiently and excellently. 

“The wellness room is an area intended for all students to be able to use- to come down if they’re feeling stressed out, anxious, overwhelmed, or just need to take a break from school or the classroom,” Mr. Jenkins, a school psychologist who monitors our wellness room, said, “The wellness room is a unique area where students can have some privacy, quiet time, or an escape from the chaos that surrounds us on a daily basis. 

At Copper Hills High School, the wellness room is dimly lit with multiple places to sit and relax for the time a student might need. Anthony Sandoval, a senior at Copper Hills and a nearly daily visitor to the wellness room said,“100%.” Mr. Jenkins stated, “Yes, absolutely. I would recommend any student to come down- even to just check it out if you’ve never been down here, maybe before or after school. Just come down just to check it out, know where it is, say hi to the people that are in here, and yeah, definitely take advantage of it.” 

Copper Hills’ wellness room is on the first floor in the 1100 hall. The door will be on the north side when standing at the intersection of the 1100 hall and the 1800 hall. From there, you can walk in and rest for a little while before going back to your class. 

The best part of the wellness room varies from person to person. “I really like the sand tray thing and the little Buddha Board and it’s like- it has a paintbrush and you just like paint with water and then it dries. So, I think those things are really fun,” explained Mr. Jenkins. Cambria Sandoval, a sophomore at Copper Hills, said, “I’ve heard it’s a good place to be when you need to wind down or take a break. You can also talk to some of the psychiatrists in there as well.” 

At Copper Hills, there are sports to play, friends to make, goals to achieve, and crazy things that happen. When students need a break from it all, the wellness room is waiting for them in room 1132.