Meeting the Sturniolo Triplets

The Sturniolo Triplets, a social media sensation, are on a tour across the U.S.


Taylor Patton and Abby Christensen

What started as a fun way to kill time has turned into an internet sensation. Nick, Matt, and Chris, better known as the Sturniolo Triplets, are Youtubers who currently have over four million subscribers. The trio started posting videos of them talking in their mini van back in October 2020, but the three boys truly began their journey with fame at the beginning of 2022 when they hit 100,000 subscribers on Youtube. 

Due to their undeniable fame, the boys are going on a tour across the U.S. The tour kicked off in Los Angeles, California, where they reside a portion of the time, on January 15, 2023. They will conclude the tour in their hometown on February 8, 2023, in Boston, Massachusetts. This being their first tour, they brought along some of their best friends: YSB Tril, 219,561 monthly listeners on spotify, LXST, 501,796 monthly listeners, and Yung Pleit, 91,751 monthly listeners. Abby Christensen, a sophomore from Copper Hills and a photographer for the Grizzly Growl, went to the show in Phoenix, Arizona. Here she is to tell us all about it. 

To people such as Abby, the identical brothers’ content isn’t just entertainment, but also relatable material. The boys are best known for posting “car videos” every Friday. In these videos, they talk about random things: Girl Scout cookies, song lyrics, conspiracy theories, would you rather, and so much more. To their fan base, the boys are the thing that make them laugh at the end of a hard day or give them reassurance that they are not alone in the way they feel. Abby is an avid fan of the triplets and has been for over a year. She has looked up to them and admired them for so long, and she finally got to meet them. 

Each show of the tour kicks off with the small talk portion. The small talk portion included an individual meeting with each of the triplets. They sign autographs, have conversations, take pictures, and give hugs. “I arrived at the venue around 3:00 pm. The small talk group A went in first, then group B, which was me. I waited in line in total for about an hour before I got to meet the boys,” Abby said. She felt nervous and anxious, but also very excited. She met Chris first, the one she has a crush on. He hugged her and asked her how her day was. “It is going good,” she responded, “How was the drive to Arizona?” Chris said, “It was alright. I mostly just slept the whole way.” 

The triplets have been dedicated to their fans since day one. That’s what Abby loves about them, they’re honest and open. They always tell their fans how much they love them and how they are beyond grateful for everything they have. He then autographed a picture and took a picture with her. “I took a selfie with him and then told him his fit was fire,” Abby explained. He dapped her up as a way to say thank you. He complimented her red bandana and hugged her goodbye. She could not believe any of this was real. She had just met Chris Sturniolo!

Next up: Matt. Abby made her way over to Matt while she was shaking from all the emotions. Similar to Chris, Matt hugged Abby, asked about her day, and complimented her outfit. She returned the compliment and he dapped her up. Matt had a small talk with Abby about how he hates wearing white pants because they keep getting dirty while he is signing autographs. Abby kept this part of the whole experience dear to her heart because it wasn’t a fan meeting a celebrity, it was two people having a conversation. They continued to talk about pants until their time was over. 

Last but definitely not least, Nick. “Nick gave me a very comforting hug and asked me how I was doing and if I was having fun,” Abby said. Once again, Abby was complimented on her outfit and bandana, and she complimented Nick as well. He, also, dapped her up and took a selfie with her. Abby stated, “I remembered I was wearing a ring that he also owns. I showed him and we had a little conversation about that.” She hugged him and left. After hugging all three triplets and having full conversations with them, she was in awe. At the end of the red carpet, Abby was still in total shock. She looked around in disbelief before fully grasping the fact that she had just met the Sturniolo Triplets. The triplets had similarities, but also differences between each other. Matt was calm and collected and reassured Abby that it was all gonna be okay. Nick was smiling and super upbeat. He was very excited to meet so many people that admire him. Chris was completely chill. He seemed so relaxed and was just vibing. Their viewers have seen these differences on screen, but Abby got to see their behavior and mannerisms in real life. She only loved them more. 

The red carpet meet came next. It went by rapidly. “The red carpet was basically just hugging them, saying hi, and taking a picture with a professional camera,” Abby explained, “The three of them were standing in front of a backdrop as I went up and individually hugged them again.” The boys said hi once again and laughed while doing so. Abby asked them to pose with serious frowns and they did just that. Abby later posted the picture of the four of them and got over 6,000 likes on Instagram. After another sense of amazement, she went and found a spot right by the stage waiting for the show to begin. 

In a turn of events, Abby’s phone died. “I forgot a portable charger and my friend who was going to bring one, wasn’t coming for a while and I had no way to contact her,” Abby said. Panic flooded her body realizing she would spend the next few hours without her phone. However, she noticed a roped off area with couches. Behind the ropes sat Laura Flipowitz, the triplets’ manager, and her daughter, Madi. Fans were swarming around Madi to get a picture with her. “I saw a bunch of chargers by them. I went up to her with the people getting pictures and asked if she would be able to plug in my phone. She said of course and took my phone and plugged it in,” Abby said, “I thanked her and went back to my spot. I went back to get my phone after about 15 minutes, talked with her for a minute and thanked her again.” Abby felt like she was in a movie. She felt like nothing was real at that moment. A million thoughts ran through her head. “I literally just talked to Madi. I’m about to talk to the Sturniolo Triplets. WHAT THE HECK?!” to name a few. 

About 45 minutes later, the people with backstage passes were invited behind the curtains. The backstage pass included hanging out with the boys and their friends for around 10 minutes. “It was me and about 10 other people in a room with Nick, Matt, Chris, the two artists, Tril and Lxst, and one of the triplets’ best friends, Madi,” Abby explained. Once again, her phone died. “I walked in and hugged them all and then started to talk to Matt again. We talked about how our pants got even more dirty and then other things. He told me we should take a picture, but I said that my phone was dead. He then pulled out his phone and took a picture there,” she said, knowing she will never stop talking about this. “He posted it on his instagram story and told me I could just screenshot it. I thanked him, talked with him a bit more, and then went over to talk with other people,” she said with a very high pitched voice. She was in amazement as she had conversations with a group of people she had dreamed about meeting. Back to the dead phone situation, Abby talked to Madi about it once again. Tril and Lxst overheard and searched around the room for a charger she could use. Matt found it and plugged in her phone. Abby felt so comfortable knowing she was surrounded by people who cared, regardless that they were famous. She continued to talk with the group until her phone turned back on. “Lxst unplugged my phone and hurried and took a bunch of pictures with it,” she said. She took a picture with Chris, then Nick. Nick autographed Abby’s arm and she refused to wash it off for weeks. Nick mentioned he was nervous for the show and Abby reassured him he was going to do great. There she was, an average teenage girl from Utah reassuring a famous Youtuber who was about to perform in front of hundreds of people. She said her goodbyes once more and left the room. 

It was now time for the actual show. “As I walked back out to my spot by the stage, I heard people whispering about how I was the girl on Matt’s instagram story,” she included in an I’m-famous-now tone. “Nick, Matt, and Chris did a live Q&A on stage for about 10-15 minutes and then Tril came on stage to perform,” Abby said. Tril performed four songs before Lxst came to sing. He also performed four songs and everybody came back on stage. They performed one last song that was a surprise song. The music was one of the best parts for Abby. She danced and sang along like nobody was watching because she was so incredibly happy to be there. “They grabbed fans’ phones to take pictures, threw out things into the audience, and danced while Party In The U.S.A. by Miley Cyrus played,” she exclaimed. She had never felt life feel so fanatical. 

The friend she had gone with had the later meet and greet time, so Abby waited for her outside of the building. “I walked around the back side of the building bored and found Lxst and Tril chilling outside on the stairs. Lxst came down and was talking to a small group of fans that were there and then noticed me,” she said, “He started talking with me about my phone dying and Matt posting me on his story. One of the girls heard me say my phone died again and offered to take a picture of us and give her my number so she could send it to me. I had already gotten a picture with him but I of course took the other one.” Abby now had tons of photographs with the people she admires the most. 

Afterward, the Sturniolo Triplets and their friends boarded their tour bus and were off to their next destination. “The triplets and artists were such genuine people! They were super fun to meet and I’m so incredibly grateful I got the opportunity to meet them. I have felt so connected to them through a screen, and now I feel even more so. The triplets have changed my life in ways I can’t even begin to explain and I am so happy I found their youtube when I did. I will remember this day for the rest of my life and will cherish it forever,” Abby concluded. Although some people may think it’s strange, Abby has found people who care and make her feel comfortable. She loves the Sturniolo Triplets, and the triplets love her.