How to Participate in Track and Field This Season


Katelynn Thorpe

The and Field team is always willing to accept any Grizzlies onto the team. You can participate in several different ways and there is always a positive, encouraging energy coming from the team.


With winter conditioning starting, the runners at Copper Hills are preparing for the Track and Field season. There are a few ways you can participate too!             

The first way you can participate is by running on the team. When running on the team you can sprint, run hurdles, run distance, pole vault, or throw the javelin. Runners keep themselves in shape and during winter conditioning practice at least three times a week. 

Sprinting is pushing your body to its top speed to race a short distance. Sprinters run races such as the 100, 200, and 400-yard dashes. These runs are pretty fast because sprinters train to be fast. Distance runners race long distances, and push their bodies to the limit.  Hurdlers race along a track jumping over obstacles of varying heights.

Another way to participate is to do pole vault or javelin. The people who do pole vault use a pole to launch themselves above another pole to try to get over it. Javelin throwers practice throwing javelins so they can throw them farther than their competition. 

Another way to participate in the track is to manage. Managing is a super awesome way to participate in school sports without competing. Head manager, Emie Fuller said, “I get to be involved, meet new people, exercise my abilities, work with coaches and teachers, and I get to be with amazing Grizzlies.” Managers check in and prepare the runners for meets or practices, log times and distances, and work with parent volunteers and coaches and help them in any way. More managers are always needed, especially when meets and invitationals start.  

Being on the Track and Field team is full of challenges and offers many areas for growth, physically and mentally. Amy Bullock, a sprinter said, “I love pushing myself hard during the workouts and especially on meet days to get a new PR every time.” Aubrie Hodgkin, shared, “I absolutely love track! The encouraging team, the variety of events, and the focus on self-improvement. […] I’ve learned that we get back what we put into it which has motivated me to work harder.” When you PR, or reach a personal record, you can’t help but feel proud of yourself, and when you PR your entire team is proud of you and continues to cheer you on.

Winter conditioning is coming to a close, and the parent meeting is later this month, on February 27th. Track and Field is a super awesome opportunity, working with amazing coaches, and runners. The environment there is one that can’t be missed. No matter what level of track you are at you should definitely consider signing up for this spring’s Track and Field season, and who knows, you might just fall in love with the running and encouragement and continue to come back.