Boys Bathroom Closed

Ethan Kautz

It’s happened again, another boys bathroom closure. When walking to class, it’s been hard not to notice the caution tape across the front of the bathrooms. Copper Hills Administration was asked about the closures and Dr. Price said, “Since the beginning of this school year, we have closed several bathrooms down for various reasons. Students have vandalized the plumbing requiring expensive valves to be replaced,” Dr. Price continued, “We have also shut bathrooms down to be repainted due to graffiti,”. Hayden Stevens, a senior at Copper Hills, said, “It’s frustrating when you need to go to the bathroom and it’s closed for maintenance, even if it’s been worked on just a couple weeks ago,”  


           Dallin Coleman, a junior, when asked about a solution for those impacted by these closures, had this to say “Just go find another one”.””


           It seems like the school is still feeling the effects from the trend last year of vandalizing the bathrooms. It seemed as though every day a bathroom was being vandalized somewhere in the school. Luckily, the trend seems to have died down quite a bit. But, based on the statement from Dr. Price, it hasn’t completely gone away.


            Since bathroom vandalization seems to still be a problem, it is important to remember that vandalization is illegal. In Utah, vandalism can be charged as anything from a Class B misdemeanor with a maximum charge of $500 to a second-degree felony with a minimum charge of $5000. And on top of that, the desecration of the bathrooms causes inconveniences for the other students at the school. So for those who need a friendly reminder, don’t vandalize the bathrooms.