School Bus Situation


Nikki Najera

Art by Nikki Najera

Taylor Patton

School buses have been overcrowded and have not done their assigned routes. Recently, buses have not been showing up to their stops because there is no driver able to come in. This has led to other buses having to pick up dropped routes, which has caused an overcrowding problem. 

Mckinzie Anderson, a sophomore who rides bus 1601 to and from Copper Hills, thinks the current bus situation is a problem because there are so many people. As she was getting on the bus one day, there were no more seats and she was forced to sit in the aisle, which could lead to injuries and reports against the bus driver. “I thought it was kind of fun,” she said, referring to that day, “but it was kind of annoying.” She mentioned, “[The bus driver] lets too many people on,” but she also understands that it’s not his choice.  

A rider of bus 1633, Mars Lawson, says,“In the mornings, every once in a while, it just doesn’t show up. Then, another bus has to pick us up,” he stated, “Or it’s either super early or super late.” Lawson mentioned that 1633 is pretty crowded. When he rides another bus, there is guaranteed to be overcrowding. “The bus situation is not great, but I’m just happy I don’t have to walk home.”

Grant Nielson is the driver of bus 1601 and has never missed a day. He stated, “It’s very hectic because I don’t know the stops, that’s the first thing. Then, it always makes me late to get to school in the morning.” He has to pick up his normal route and run a second route in the time it takes for a singular route. He has tried to do different methods of getting so many people in such little time. He mentioned he could go get the first route and bring them to Copper Hills, and then go back and get the second route, but that makes him late to the school.

During the last week of October, Nielson explained that there were multiple bus rides that had students standing and/or sitting in the aisle. He ended up getting phone calls because of that; however, it was not his fault. He further explained that bus drivers don’t come in and they don’t have anybody to cover their routes. 

Jordan District is always trying to hire good bus drivers. If you know an adult who would like to apply to be a school bus driver, please have them contact the Jordan School District Transportation Department at 801-567-8837.

 Students have to endure cold weather every morning while they wait, sit in aisles, and struggle to feel safe and comfortable in their buses. The school bus situation may not be idyllic for many students, but at least there are bus drivers who are willing to pick them up and take them where they need to go every day, even if that driver is not the one they were assigned.