Grizzly Government


Abby Christensen

Photo by Abby Christensen

Taylor Patton, Writer

Imagine walking into school and seeing everyone with their friends, hearing people talk about the upcoming football game and the clubs they’ve just joined; the “left-out” feeling starts. At Copper Hills, there is a group of students who want to help students get the important high school experiences by being there for them in a variety of different ways.

Libby Christofferson is the sophomore class president. “I oversee the sophomore class,” she explained. Class presidents are the student representative of sophomores, juniors, or seniors. 

Drew Marler is the spirit and pride representative. “My job is making sure the student section is getting rowdy and all things involving the student section,” he explained. 

Bennett Cole is the sophomore class ambassador. He claims that he helps unite the school. They are the connection between the student body and faculty. 

Christofferson said she ran to meet as many people as possible and to involve herself at the school. 

Marler had a similar response, “I ran for spirit and pride so I could try to get everyone involved and supporting all of the things going on at Copper Hills and making sure we’re getting rowdy.” 

As for Cole, his response was a bit more personal, “I wanted to prove myself and prove I can do difficult things. In 8th grade, I was kind of a nobody, but in 9th grade, I pushed myself to get out there and be involved. Government seems like a good option.” 

These three individuals all have one thing in common: they’re doing it for a reason. That reason could be for themselves, someone else, or just to help their school.

Christofferson’s favorite part of student government is, “Being able to have so many opportunities to meet new people.”

 “Being able to be the start of the change and not just leave it to some adults,” was Cole’s answer. 

The student government representatives are eager to please, but anyone can be. Being an officer is not a requirement to be kind and helpful to the students of Copper Hills.

In the end, the student government is here to help students with anything they need. Student government is helping our school in so many different ways behind the scenes. If you take away one thing from this article, let it be this: these individuals care and are here to help the student body be a better school every single day at Copper Hills.