School Musical

Katelynn Thorpe

“Students of Copper Hills, go back to a time when you believed in magic, when you believed anything was possible, when you believed in wishes, fairytales, fairy godmothers, evenings at the ball, the magic and inspiration of being young, [and] come [to] celebrate that with us by coming to see the musical. Find that piece of childhood that you may have left behind. Find that hope and inspiration to continue to move forward and become the best that you can be, because Cinderella is about persevering through all of the difficulties and really achieving your goals, your dreams, and having that magic be there as your support.” ~ Director Jordan Morrell

Copper Hills has done a musical almost every year and this year is no different. Alongside director Mr. Morrell, Vocal Director, Mr. Taylor, and the Choreographers, Ms. Bay, and Ms. Jen, the cast and crew will be putting on Cinderella, a Rodgers and Hammerstein Musical!

Cinderella is a Disney classic, and now it is here at Copper Hills! Playing Cinderella is Senior, Abby Robins!! “I was quite shocked at first, I still am a little bit, but also so excited!” She has participated in musicals at Copper Hills all 3 of her years here. When asked what her favorite thing about participating in shows is, she responded, “Being a part of something bigger than yourself, while also surrounding yourself with people who have the same passion as you.” Playing the Prince, Brennan Buhler!! He has participated in musicals all three years at Copper Hills and he shared, “It’s just a lot of fun, and you get a ton of hard work and it pays off […]” 

If you were unable to join the cast in the musical production this year, do not worry! Auditions for the school play, ‘Murder on the Orient Express,” will begin on November 28th and 29th and will perform in February, and Copper Hills will once again hit the stage with another fantastic show in the fall of 2023! If you want to participate this year or next year, but not be part of the cast, join Copper Hills Stage Crew! The stage crew takes care of everything backstage. They make the sets, control the lighting, make sure the mics are working, and control the music. Also, part of the stage crew is costuming and make-up design. Without them, there would just be, “performers on stage in concert black singing and dancing.” The stage crew is always needed and makes the show what it is. 

Cinderella will be joined by Stepsisters Joy and Portia, Stepmother, Fairy Godmother, the King and Queen, ensemble, and stage tech of Copper Hills on November 10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th!