Find Your Roar


Photo by Alex Thompson

Taylor Patton, Writer

This year at Copper Hills High School, the theme for the student body is “Find your roar.” 

Assistant Principal Ms. Andy said that finding your roar means to find what is right for you. As for SBO president Meg Young, she explained in her welcoming speech at the beginning of the year, “Finding your roar is about discovering who you are and the role you play at Copper Hills.” 

Corina Khouanphet, a sophomore, said, “To me, ‘Find your roar’ means to find who you are, find your voice.”

Ms. Andy claimed, “I think my biggest thing- my goal for being at Copper Hills this year is to just make sure I meet as many kids as I can.” She will be connected to the young people she works with everyday. 

In Young’s speech, she told a story about how hard her sophomore year was because she wasn’t confident and was scared to put herself out there. This theme is personal to her because it’s the advice she needed as a sophomore and wanted to give it to others. Although it took some time, she found her roar and her confidence is as high as ever for senior year.

Tayla Wright, a sophomore, noted, “I’m going to try and get to know more people.”

 On the other hand, Khouanphet responded with the exact opposite, “I’ve already found my roar.” 

Assistant Principal Andersen believes this theme “is the best way to celebrate individuality, but also as a collective unit.” Wright thought the theme was a noble idea, “I think everyone needs to remember to be themselves.” Khouanphet thought similarly, “There are so many new grizzlies who need to find their voice.” 

An excerpt from Young’s speech stated, “Our theme is ‘Find your roar.’ When deciding what the theme should be we wanted this to be something that everyone would be able to relate to. Not just the officers here on stage, or just the jocks, or just the theater kids. A theme that would unite us all as one.” 

These three words are going to define this school year in the best way possible. Nobody wants to feel like Young did when she was a sophomore, awkward and scared. Take the theme to heart. Find your roar. As the SBO president said herself, “Change starts with CH.”