Blackface at Blackout Games


Photo by Alex Thompson

Ethan Brewster

In previous years, there have been some acts of unsportsmanlike conduct performed by the Copper Hills student section, like breaking the bleachers from multiple schools and taking pieces with them back to school. Last year, some students also wore blackface during Copper Hills’ blackout games. In the 2022 school year, there seems to be a difference in the student section at their athletic events, and they are noticeable. 

In the article “Racism at Copper Hills”  written last year by Bekah Christensen for the Grizzly Growl, Christensen noted that students were sporting blackface during the blackout game, “There were multiple people in the student section who had painted their entire faces black.” After these occurrences, Copper Hills continued to rally everyone together in all black and have their blackout football game. 

However, During the 2022 blackout football game, there were no signs of blackface. There weren’t any photos or reports from students of blackface occurring. 

When asked what had created this change in the student section this year, Mr. Hunt, an assistant principal at CHHS, said, “This blackout game is to just have an amazing look. …but the racially insensitive things that are done are in no way its purpose.” Hunt said the purpose of the blackout games is to promote unity. 

Mr. Hunt credits our SBOs saying, “Our SBO president, Meg, carries a lot of responsibility making sure that the student government program is representative and symbolic of what we are trying to do cultural wise in our building.” He explained that he values what Meg does and that she has had a big part in making these blackout games successful for the Copper Hills students. The SBOs this year can be credited with helping Copper Hills’ school spirit be seen in a respectful way that doesn’t discriminate or disrespect the student population at Copper Hills or other high schools. 

With a school that has over 3,000 students, Copper Hills needs strong leaders and role models. The student body officers represent and lead the students which are important when having as many students as they do. They have been doing their job of leading and showing students how to act at athletic events.