Teacher Feature: Mr. Wood

Mohmmad Al-Saedy, Business Manager

We often forget about the new teachers who have been recently hired at Copper Hills, whether they transferred or have just started teaching. Teaching is a very difficult procession, so it’s important we recognize the struggle as well as the accomplishments of those newest to our building.

I talked to Mr. Wood, who has been teaching at CHHS the past two years. Wood, however, has been a teacher for 10 years, and has been a coach for various sports teams all along the way.  Wood taught at St. Joseph Catholic High School where he was a basketball coach and English teacher. As his teaching career progressed he went to Brighton High School where he was also a teacher and basketball coach. Mr. Wood came to CHHS to be an English teacher and the Girls’ Golf coach. He is also currently a basketball coach at American Preparatory Academy.

Wood instructs English 10 and 11, but he isn’t your average joe when it comes to teaching. In the classroom, Wood says, “I want [all of] my classes to be different from each other.” Students love his class and Wood loves the interactions he has with students. “I thrive off the chaos that students produce,” he says. Wood is a busy man, but that doesn’t get in the way of his teaching. Lucy Hatch, a former student of Wood’s class, has said, “Mr. Wood’s class is one of the most understandable and teaches very well.”

Mr. Wood’s teaching style is different from many others because he lets his students be who and what they want to be. Wood said that he wants “to bring authenticity” to his class by being himself. Lots of teachers have a different character in the classroom as opposed to their personal lives, which is good to an extent. However, that also impacts students negatively. Wood says that he avoids that by being the “real him.” “Everything I do has a reason behind it…from the clothes I wear to the way I speak to my students as well as how I work with my students.,” he explains. 

Wood has big dreams as well. If he ever got the chance, he would love to be the head of the English Department and to see what he can bring to the table. Additionally, Mr. Wood expressed that he would love to coach college basketball or golf. If he had to choose a local school to coach at, it would be the University of Utah. If he had to choose a college out of State, it would be the University of Texas. 

Mr. Wood says that his 9th grade teacher, Ms. Wardleigh, heavily impacted his life. She brought him from being a person who didn’t care about school and who hated English, to loving the subject and wanting to be a teacher one day. Ms. Wardleigh was the first person who gave him an “academic challenge” and who “brought meaning to education.” Wood also mentioned his dad, who helped him gain a sense of realization of this world and drove him to push himself. Wood is a man with a big future, and many students appreciate how amazing he is. We the students, faculty and staff are all happy to have you in the Copper Hills community. Thank you Mr. Wood.