Spinning Into the Spotlight


Color Guard is an activity similar to dance or drill in that it involves dancing as a group and performing to music. The main difference lies in the way that they go about the performance. Color Guard spins and tosses equipment such as flags, wooden rifles, and sabers during the dance. Their performance each season is based on a chosen song and story.

The Color Guard’s season lasts from November through early April. Copper Hills’ Guard’s show is titled “Moving On” with music from Only Angel by Harry Styles. The girls’ costumes include black blazers that are taken off part way through the performance, symbolizing letting loose and “Moving On.” The flags they use at the beginning of the show are black and white, but by the end, the team switches to flags with rainbow silks. This change also signifies the decision to no longer conform to societal pressure.

This season is special for all guards around the state. Cambria Leach, Senior, a team captain, explains, “[Color Guard] is finally starting to get back to normal after Covid cancellations and virtual shows. We are able to compete in person this year which we have not done since 2020.” Due to COVID-19, competitions have been virtual. Guards would send a video of their performance to the judges, and they would receive scores a few days later. This year, the season is in person, and color guards around the state are able to compete normally.  

The Copper Hills Color Guard is small but mighty. With seven members, the team is the smallest in their current division. Having a small team comes with a lot of benefits and drawbacks. Although it’s easier to stay together, it’s significantly more noticeable when they aren’t doing so. “Having a smaller team makes it easier to clean work which makes our show look a lot more appealing to the judges,” explains Abby Christensen, Freshmen, a longtime member of the team. “Sometimes it’s hard though, because if somebody is off, then it’s much easier to see than it is in a big group.” 

However, the size of the team certainly doesn’t stop them from succeeding. “We’ve had a lot of competition in our division this year, but we’ve placed top five at all of our shows,” Leach explains. The CHHS Color Guard has had an amazing season thus far, placing second in many competitions, with less than a point separating them from first, while most recently taking first in their division, which includes Bigham, Mountain Ridge, and Roy, among others.

The CHHS Color Guard is an underappreciated group at Copper Hills. Their hard work and dedication has led them to several state titles and first place awards, yet many students don’t even know what color guard is. Their success should be more recognized and the team should receive more support.

You can show your support for the Copper Hills Color Guard by cheering for them at their State Championships. The competition will take place at Riverton High School on April 2. Watch for their performance time because it won’t be announced until closer to the event.