Dance Co. Senior Spotlights

This year, Copper Hills Dance Company has nine amazing seniors. These girls are the glue that holds the team together. This year’s seniors are also the team’s officers. They all have different responsibilities and they all work hard to help the team. They are friends, leaders, and important pieces that help make the team better. 

Saige Alves is a third year senior. She is the team’s Unity VP Liaison. Her roles in this office include going to the principal’s round-table as Dance Co’s representative and helping the company be more unified as a whole. Saige also helped re-stage “Bounce Back” in this year’s winter concert, Musical Motion. Restaging a dance means that the officer in charge took choreography from a previously used dance and restaged it to fit the dancers on the current team. She is also co-choreographing “The Gnomies” in this year’s spring concert, Legends. Emme DeJong, a sophomore on the team and a member of Saige’s achievement group, said “Saige has helped me by pushing me out of my comfort zone at practice. I am grateful for Saige because she has a big positive impact on our team, which puts everyone else in a better mood.”

Michelle Carr is a third year senior. Her officer position is Company Unity. Her roles include planning socials, secret siblings, and helping with other activities that the team does as a whole.  Michelle helped re-stage “Bounce Back” in the winter concert. Kailtyn Korpi, a junior and member of Michelle’s achievement group said, “Being an officer has a lot of stress and responsibilities. I’m so grateful for Michelle and the work she puts in.” 

Astacia Eckman is a second year senior. Astacia is one of the team’s Technique and Conditioning VPs. Her jobs include warming the team up, having music, and knowing what the team needs in order to dance successfully.  Astacia re-staged “Money” in Musical Motion and co-choreographed a piece in this year’s spring concert titled, “People of the Woods.”  Halle Kristensen, a junior on the team and member of Astacia’s achievement groups says, “I’m grateful for everything she has done for me.”

Jillian Elzinga is one of the team’s third year seniors. Jillian is another one of the team’s Technique and Conditioning VPs. She helps warm the team up, has music, and knows what the dancers need to dance to their fullest ability. Jillian re-staged “Inclosed” in the team’s winter concert this year and choreographed her solo in the upcoming spring concert. “I love how reliable and down to earth she is. She’s a queen and an amazing role model that I look up to,” said Kali Smith, a junior in the company and a member of Jillian’s achievement group. 

Lanie Heuser is a third year senior. Lanie is one of the team’s Costume and Concert VPs. Her roles include making the master list of costumes, steaming costumes, preparing day outfits, repairing costumes, typing out program information, and other concert preparation tasks. Shaylie Atkinson, one of the team’s juniors said, “I am grateful for her because she is not only there for me when I need her, but is a great example of a leader.” Heuser helped re-stage “Money” in Musical Motion and also co-choreographed “The Gnomies” in Legends.

Kenna Green is a first year senior. In the winter concert, she re-staged “Celebration”. Railey Williams, a sophomore on the team and member of Kenna’s achievement group said, “She reminded me of any work that was due and made me feel very included.” Kenna is the team’s Individual Unity officer. She does birthdays, weekly quotes, and checks in on the health and wellness of all the members of Dance Company. 

Brynlee Linton is a third year senior. Brynn is the team’s Choreography VP. She re-staged “Carpe Diem” in the winter concert and choreographed “Precipice of Madness” for this year’s spring concert. Brynlee’s roles as Choreography VP include cleaning dances, choreographing dances, providing corrections and critics, teaching a dance to Pre-Company, and supporting the team as needed. Sage Erickson, a member of Brynlee’s achievement group and sophomore on the team said, “Brynnlee has helped me a lot with feeling more comfortable within the dance company and has helped me feel more confident in myself and my dancing ability.” 

Sydnee Vanstavern is a third year senior and is the team’s Secretary. She re-staged “Money” in a winter concert. Sydnee’s roles as Secretary include: taking roll, calling missing dancers, assisting the dance director as needed, and helping create the concert program and posters. “Earlier this year when I was brand new to the team, I always had so many questions and didn’t know how to do things. She would help me answer those questions and she would be literally so sweet about it,” said Olivia Davis, a sophomore on the team and member of Sydnee’s achievement group. 

Arian Marcano is a second year senior and is also a Costume and Concert Vp for Dance Company. Her jobs include making the master list of costumes, steaming costumes, preparing day outfits, repairing costumes, typing out program information, and other concert preparation tasks. Arian helped re-stage “Celebration” in the winter concert and co-choreographed “The Gnomies” for the team’s spring concert. Aftynn White, a junior in Dance Company and member of Arian’s achievement group said, “She has been really on top of things when it comes to getting information to us and I’m grateful that she’s willing to help even if I don’t always need it.” 

As graduation is coming closer and closer each day, it’s hard to know that the 21-22 seniors of Dance Company won’t be returning next year. These seniors put so much work and effort into their offices and dancing, so taking the time to appreciate and thank them is more important than ever. Class of ‘22, we love you!