Louis Tomlinson: Headed in a New Direction

On March 1st, 2022, Louis Tomlinson left his heart on the stage in Orem, Utah on his first solo tour for his album Walls. The former One Direction member performed for over 8,500 fans, making this one of his biggest shows thus far. 

The concert opened with the band Sun Room. They had a very different sound from Louis, but they were received well by the crowd. Some of Sun Room’s hits are “ Sol Del Sur,” ”Fun,” ”Crashed My Bike,” ”Summer’s Here,” and ”Just Yesterday.” Their alternative/indie music added diversity to the experience. 

The air was thick with tension in anticipation of Louis’ entrance. After what seemed like forever, he and his band entered with a bang. Lights flashed, music blared, fans screamed; everyone could feel that it was going to be a phenomenal performance.

Louis Tomlinson’s album, Walls, features twelve songs: ”Kill My Mind,” ”Don’t Let It Break Your Heart,” ”Two of Us,” ”We Made It,” ”Too Young,” ”Walls,” ”Habit,” ”Always You,” ”Fearless,” “Perfect Now,“ ”Defenceless,” and ”Only the Brave.” In addition to his album, Louis also includes a few One Direction songs in his set, including ”Drag Me Down,” ”Little Black Dress,” and ”Through the Dark.” These songs are fan favorites, and Louis even remarked that performing them makes him nostalgic for his days in the band. 

“Two of Us” is an emotional song written by Louis about his late mother. One line in the chorus goes, “I’ll be living one life for the two of us.” When Louis performed “Two of Us” at the concert, the feeling of the crowd completely shifted. The energy had been hype and exciting, but  turned into a feeling of love and camaraderie. This number was one that particularly stuck with me.

The show closed with “Kill My Mind,” and the energy in the room during this final number was high. Every fan in the crowd was screaming the lyrics, jumping, and dancing to the music. This song is one of my favorites from Walls, and I think that it was the perfect way to end the night.

Seeing the former members of One Direction (like Louis Tomlinson) in concert is an opportunity for fans who didn’t get the chance to see the band during its prime. It also serves as a great way to support each of the artists in their own capacity. While their One Direction days were amazing, their solo careers are equally, if not more, important in comparison. 

Louis Tomlinson is a talented performer, which made his concert super exciting and fun to watch. I would definitely recommend seeing him live. He has a great voice and his songwriting skills are enviable. 

Another aspect of the concert that contributed to the fan-tastic experience was the fans. I felt safe in the crowd and among the other people while waiting in lines. Everyone was super friendly and I made some unexpected friends sitting next to me. A welcoming crowd makes all the difference at a show, and this one was seriously awesome.