Sk8 the Infinity Review


Extreme sports anime. Likely, the first thought after reading that isn’t a skateboarding anime, but maybe it should be. SK8 the Infinity is an extreme skateboarding anime that was released in the January of 2021. Created by Bones Hiroko Utsumi and produced by Hiroko Utsumi, there’s currently one season of twelve episodes. It’s rated TV-14 and can be watched on Funimation, Crunchyroll or Amazon Video.

The story takes place in Japan with 17-year-old Reki and 17-year-old Langa. The first episode has an amazing start up as Langa moves to Japan from Canada with his mother after his father’s passing and he quickly bonds with Reki. Reki is infinitely dedicated to skateboarding and spends any available time on it. He shares this love with Langa as they bond over it for countless hours. They aren’t alone within this hobby either, there are local competitions in order to throw the best skaters against each other. You realize very quickly just how seriously the community takes these illegal gatherings. These competitions labeled, “S”, are fascinating to watch as even if you aren’t into skating you have to admire the animation of each scene. The skateboards flow beautifully while still maintaining realistic physics aspects. Each skateboard is even marked up along the bottom of the board, adding to the atmosphere in little ways. One of the main aspects of the show is the little details that make it so realistic. The settings resemble realistic scenes of a Japanese city and each character is dynamic in experiencing their own triumphs and struggles. They’re all passionate about skating, but each for a different reason that fits their own past and personality. Each personality is very different from the last but they all compliment each other as they interact.

Reki is a loud kid with high spirits. He doesn’t take defeat and fights until the end. His main internal conflict is the fact that Langa gets so much more recognition even though Reki has been skating for so much longer. Langa is quiet and monotone though he still wears his emotions on his sleeve. Langa is a natural at skateboarding as he masters tricks in a fraction of time compared to others. He’s confident in his skills but still carries himself in a humble way, regardless. The four main side characters each have just as strong personalities. Cherry is aggressive but carries himself with poise. Joe is loud and isn’t afraid to put himself out there but he isn’t arrogant about the fact. Miya is a snot-nosed kid with a lot of fears that he over compensates by being self-centered and arrogant. Adam is the main antagonist, he is very flamboyant and the kind of character you either hate or love, there is no in-between. 

Each episode ends with a cliffhanger that smoothly leads to the next leaving you wanting more but not being anxious about it. The comfortable timing and the smooth transitions from one arc to the next make this show a very binge-able one. The tension builds at a steady pace with comedy to comfort you all the way through. Though the show is cute and bright, the twists still have strong notes keeping you entertained while lowkey teaching you how to skateboard.

In the end I rate SK8 the Infinity a 7/10. The soundtrack and intro are wonderful and amazing to listen to with headphones. There have been official mentions of future installments of the anime though not necessarily a season 2. SK8 the Infinity is an original anime meaning there is no manga it’s based off of so we have no reference as to what a season 2 would look like.