Principal of the Year


Principal Veazie and his family

Copper Hills High School’s very own principal, Bryan Veazie, was awarded the title of “Outstanding Principal of the Year” by the Jordan Education Foundation on Tuesday, March 15th. Veazie’s family, friends, fellow staff members, teachers, and students were here to celebrate this achievement with him. Winning this title was a complete surprise to him. According to Jordan School District, “Principal Veazie was recognized for his ability to nurture positive and meaningful relationships and for being a fearless leader at Copper Hills High School.”

The guidelines for this award are set by the Jordan Education Foundation (JEF). Nominations can be sent in to the Jordan Education Foundation. School administrative teams send in their recommendations and students, parents, and teachers can also send in letters of recommendations.  JEF then carefully reviews all the nominations and decides who they select to be Outstanding Principal of the Year. 

Nancy Bolduc, the head secretary at CHHS, said, “I see the tireless hours that [Mr. Veazie]  puts in advocating for students, trying to bring all voices together. I see the work he does to make sure his staff and faculty have everything they need to excel at their jobs. I think the way he’s able to bring people together and create discussion and collaboration is amazing.” She thinks that these skills all contribute to why Principal Veazie is deserving of Outstanding Principal of the Year. 

Assistant Principal, Sterling Hunt, believes that Mr. Veazie is very deserving of this award because he’s seen how much he cares about every individual at Copper Hills. “To me, that’s all the evidence I need to know, is that we’re all just trying to get through life and we just want people to be kind to us. That’s why I believe Mr. Veazie was given this award: I believe that he deserves it.”  

Principal Veazie said, “It was an honor to be recognized. It was humbling to be recognized, but it was also an opportunity for me to celebrate the work that is being done here at the school. One of the things I’ve told people is that this award simply suggests that I surround myself with good people who do great work.” He believes that this award is not only for him but for every student, teacher, and faculty member at Copper Hills High School.