Keep Calm and Get Well Soon


The Wellness Room, a room with a strong mission, though the majority of the student body doesn’t know about it, is open year round. Located just past the Counseling Center, the space exists  to help students struggling with their mental health. This tool is intended to help everyone feel welcome and safe in this school. It was created last year and already has many resources such as coloring books, snacks, stress toys, and weighted blankets. The room is constantly growing and adapting with supplies and resources in order to help every student.

The Wellness room has lights that are less harsh than the ones in the hallways and even includes a separate “dark room.” As the name suggests, the dark room has no lights, and includes a giant bean bag so students can sit and think their thoughts away in a calm environment. The room is open to anyone and everyone who needs it. Whether students have a rough day or a constant issue, it’s there to help. The room has two psychologists and a clinical therapist/social worker. The psychologists are Mr. Jenkins and Mr. Fullmer. Mr. Jenkins helps kids with the last names A-K while Mr. Fullmer helps last names L-Z. However, neither will turn a student down, even if their last name doesn’t fit within their assigned lists. The clinical therapist is Ms. Williams who is there to help all students. 

To go to the Wellness room during class, students just need to take the Wellness room pass, which should be located near their classroom’s exit. Then make sure the teacher knows you’re leaving, and go. Teachers don’t need to know anything regarding why students are leaving, they just need to know they’re leaving. The passes are to be used and not abused. If the pass isn’t near the door, ask the teacher where the pass can be accessed. Each teacher was given a pass at the beginning of the year. 

When students get to the room, there will be an assistant at the front desk who can help them sign in with an iPad. Teachers will be notified when their student signs in and out. This process is used to deter students from using their visit as an excuse to wander the halls. Students are encouraged to spend roughly 10-15 minutes in the room. If they need more time, they will be encouraged to speak with one of the psychologists to get help with their struggles.

The Wellness room is a completely judgment-free environment, created to welcome all students. For students pondering whether or not they should use the wellness room, Mr. Fuller is encouraging. “Just come on down and give it a try,” he says. If a student is stressed about visiting during class, they can also visit during lunch and after school. The room is still a work in progress and very open to feedback and suggestions from students. Copper Hills also offers Mindful Moments on Fridays at 1:30-2pm and Mindful Art on the first Friday of each month from 2-2:30 pm in room 1715. More information can be found on each activity in the “Student Wellness Resources” tab under “Students” on the Copper Hills website.