Introducing the AP Art Studio

At Copper Hills, the number one way to put your best foot forward and further your pursuit in art is AP Art Studio. There are many options that open up as you develop your art portfolio throughout the year.

One of the bonuses of being in AP Art Studio is the opportunities it provides. One of the events that the class tries to be a part of yearly is the Utah All-State Art Show in Springville. The AP Art Studio teacher, Mr. Alan Ludwig says, “Every year there’s a catalogue…Our students get put in there,” Ludwig continues, “ That’s one thing students are always excited about in AP, trying to submit their artwork to this competition, it’s the thing.” The Springville Competition is the main opportunity students and teachers look forward to, but another is the creation and adding to of the students portfolio. These portfolios are built throughout the year, both in and out of class. With this being an AP class, prioritizing it is expected. Development of the portfolio is required to pass the AP test for Art Studio, because submitting the portfolio is the class’s form of a test. The best way to begin the portfolio is to start with a theme and keep it throughout the year as students build upon it.

In AP Art Studio, students get to make their own theme for the year and they have to follow it. The teacher, in this case, Mr. Ludwig, will guide students through their work and the development of their themes. “We try to locate it in a genre to kind of ground it,” Ludwig said. A great example of this is making landscape art. There is a lot you can do in that genre. An example could include a beautiful fantasy landscape or a realistic depiction of the world around you. “There’s a lot you can learn about composition by looking at these great landscape artists even though you may be doing something science fiction…There’s things we can learn from the broadness.”

As of the second quarter, AP Art Studio is taking a break from their normal schedule of creating art pieces for their portfolio, and instead working on oil paintings. There has been a lot of success with this medium in previous years, with students getting their own paintings into the Utah All-State Art Show. 

If you have the space, time, and dedication, why not see for yourself?  Take AP Art Studio next year.