Hats on to a New Dress Code

There is a new dress code at Copper Hills, courtesy of the Jordan School District. As of October 26th, 2021, the student conduct, dress, and appearance section of the policy manual was revised. These revisions have been a long time coming, but what changed?

One of the most awaited changes to the school’s dress code is the allowance of hats. Now, according to the Student Conduct Dress and Appearance Guidelines, “[Hats] may be worn unless it disrupts the school or school activity, poses a danger to self or others, or limits the ability of others to identify the student.” This means the hats and headwear must allow people to see the face of the wearer, and must not pose a threat to the student wearing the hat or students not wearing the hat. Hats like beanies, baseball caps, and even hoodies should pass without a problem when worn correctly.

Lucy Hatch

There has also been a bit of a change in the way clothing must cover the student. The clothing must cover from the top of the armpit to approximately mid thigh all the way around the body. The one caveat to this is the top must have some sort of over-the-shoulder strap that connects the front of the shirt to the back of it (sorry, no tube tops). It does not matter how thick this strap is, as long as it is present. Aside from bra straps and waist bands, no undergarments must be in view, and any clothing covering those areas must also be covered in a fabric people cannot see through.

The dress code is subject to becoming stricter depending on the activity. Different courses and extracurriculars have different dress requirements based on the activity. When you work in the woodshop, for example, the last thing you need is a loose piece of clothing caught in a machine. Students preparing for another day of athletics, likewise, will dress differently than students getting ready to handle a dead frog. Keep in mind what the day has in store as you change with the dress code.

No matter how the way students wear their clothing changes, there are still standards to be maintained regarding what the clothing or accessories display. Promotion of things such as drugs, alchohol, crime, hate, violence, or discrimination is still strictly against policy. These topics can’t be displayed in any form, including images or any other symbols. Along with these dangerous promotions, there cannot be physical hazards brought about by what students may choose to wear. Safety is a priority, whether it’s physically or socially.

If you want to learn more about the new Jordan school district Student Conduct, Dress, and Appearance Policy changes, go to policy.jordandistrict.org