College Applications


Camryn Cooper

Individual Applying for College

The college application season is upon us, and there are many questions about the process. Where should I apply? How do I apply? When is the best time to apply? Fortunately, Copper Hills has many great resources available to help with college applications and planning for a future after high school. Most students are aware of their counselor and have met with them at least once during the school year. Counselors give assistance with scheduling and mental health, but they are also there to help students plan for their future. However, there is another resource available for students as of this year.

Lauren Genna is a new addition to the faculty here at Copper Hills. Officially, she is the College Access Advisor, but unofficially, she is the college and future planning coordinator. She is stationed in the counseling center and is available every weekday from 7 am to 3 pm. While her focus is on helping students plan and prepare for college, she can also help with less traditional routes. She can offer much help with applying to different colleges.

Each college or university has its own application process. Most in-state schools have their applications on their websites, except for the University of Utah and Westminster College, which use CommonApp. CommonApp is often used by colleges and universities outside of Utah. It allows a student to keep all of their active applications in one place and is completely free to use. Ms. Genna has offered some advice on the number of colleges a student should generally apply to. “Personally, I would say two to three is good, but if you truly just don’t know what to do, get all your options.” Many students who are unsure of what path to take after high school apply to as many colleges as possible which can help them find a program that they would be interested in pursuing as a career.

Most colleges require fees to apply, but, “if [students] qualify, those [application] fees can be waived,” says Genna. Colleges have different ways of determining if a student qualifies for the fee waiver, but many base it on Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA). Most colleges ask students if they intend to apply for FAFSA in their own application. This can help them gauge whether or not the applicant might qualify for fee waivers.

Every college has different things to offer. Each has different programs, graduation requirements, and campuses. The key to finding the right college for you is research. There are many resources on different colleges available in the library as well as online. Campus tours are available to register for on each university’s website and can help students learn more about each university on their campus. “During the month of October, they’re going to be holding a UCA (Utah College Application) Week, and some schools waive their application fees and we have the codes for that,” Genna suggested.

The UCA Week is often held either in the commons or the auditorium during both lunches. Many schools send representatives to Copper Hills to speak with our students about their college/university. They have information about nearly everything related to their school from the application process to housing, and financial aid to scholarships. They often have specific information on individual programs that their institution offers.

College applications almost always include essays and letters of recommendation. Each essay that you submit should be used to convince the admissions board that you are a great addition to their school. They are to be used to convince the college that you are worth their time and should attend their school. The letters are very important to the college because it helps them to understand what type of student you are based on testimony besides your own. The best people for writing these letters are employers and teachers satisfied with your work. They are generally submitted along with the rest of the application. 

Whether you already have an idea of where to go for college, you have begun applying for colleges or do not know where to begin, Ms. Genna can help. She would love to meet with more students and help them to discover their future.