Meet the Admin!


When it comes to administration of Copper Hills, students don’t see all of them as they would a regular teacher. With over 2,900 students and only 6 administrators, there’s not enough time in the day for a CH administrator to get to know every student while keeping up with their own individual workload. As fun as it is to hear them talk over a podium, there’s also not enough time to get to know them on a personal level. 

The first step to building a bond is common ground; knowing that you share an interest is a great way to build the trust and create the connection students want to have in the administration. Each administrator has a history including how they became an administrator, what they do in their spare time and formative childhood memories. Understanding these humanizes the administrators and presents the opportunity to connect with these influential members of Copper Hills.

Mrs. Einzinger – Assistant Principal (A-Co)

A Young Ms. Einzinger

From something as simple as playing school with her sister when they were young, Mrs. Einzinger was instilled with the desire to help others learn and change. When she moved from France to the United States, the English language was where she got her start studying. While getting her first master’s degree in Language and Literature, she started her career by teaching a variety of French classes at places like the U of U and SLCC. After getting her teaching license, Mrs. Einzinger taught French at Alta High School. Later she went back for another master’s degree in Educational Leadership.

Being a teacher and administrator isn’t the only thing Mrs. Einzinger does. “Surprisingly enough, in my youth, I was a daredevil – not anymore of course.” She’s done things from bungee jumping, to four wheeling, to Gymnastics. She was born on an overseas French region near Madagascar called Reunion Island, but was raised in Paris. To attend high school, she traveled by motorcycle, since the car licensing age in France was 18, and the Motorcycle licensing age (for motorcycles with sub 125cc engines) was 14. Nowadays though, she’s more than happy to travel, read, and collect stamps.

Dr. Price – Assistant Principal (Cr-He)

A Young Dr. Price

“My teachers made their jobs look interesting and valuable, and that was something I admired,” said Dr. Price. Despite this, he didn’t start off wanting to become a teacher, his original major in college was Psychology. As the classes progressed he didn’t like it as much as he imagined he would. “ I talked with my dad, and he recommended I add a teaching certificate to my degree, and then I could at least get a good job and pursue a different degree if I wanted.” And that made for a much better experience. With his certifications in German and Psychology, it made it harder to find a job. “But I got lucky, and I picked up a job with Youth In Custody at Decker Lake Youth Corrections. I was in prison! We had a great teaching staff, and we had about 40 – 80 kids in our school, and the average student had six felonies.” This position was an eye opener to the kinds of troubles kids can face and what can happen when they’re left to raise themselves. “ I think I was learning more than the kids I was teaching, because I had never experienced anything like this.”

As a teacher, Dr. Price had to teach Biology and English, which were both a bit out of his preferred subject areas. He wasn’t the biggest fan of that, so when he saw the opportunity to join a leadership program and become an administrator, he took it. He had to leave teaching while he pursued that, but it worked out and he joined the admin at Valley High.

While growing up, Dr. Price did his fair share of sports and activities. He played baseball, basketball, soccer, and hockey. Hockey was the one that stuck until high school. The area where he played only had two teams his age, and two goalies. No matter how good or bad the players were, they were happy to have them there. When he was young he would bike and walk around, and throw rocks into the creek near his home (almost drowning once). As an adult, he enjoys hiking, looking for waterfalls, traveling, and four-wheeling through rivers.

Mr. Varga – Assistant Principal (Hi-Me)

I loved high school and wanted to be a part of it forever. These are the times that you can’t get back . . . relish your time here.” When he was a teacher, Mr. Varga taught English because of his skill in it as well as his enjoyment for a good discussion. Becoming an administrator was the logical next step, as he wanted to help in more ways than he could as a teacher. Some of his favorite memories come from the time spent running around all the scenery that Southern Utah has to offer. Growing up, he was a five sport varsity athlete at Cedar High, where he competed in Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Track and Field, and Football. Through his youth, he did construction and computer jobs. In his spare time though, he still participates in sports, plays the drums, and even builds RC Planes.

Mr. Halliday – Assistant Principal (Mi-R)

Mr. Halliday became a teacher because of a love of sharing knowledge, especially when it came to a subject like physics. He taught Physics and Math, as well as Computer Repair and Networking. The decision to become an administrator was a hard one, but despite loving teaching, he wanted to support his family as the sole income earner. Growing up, Mr. Halliday would go fishing with his father, citing those memories as some of his favorites. Since he was young, he’s gone camping, fishing, and bicycle riding. He still keeps these hobbies more than 40 years later, “I try to ride a bike to work as often as I can, great exercise and stress relief (most of the time).”

Mr. Hunt – Assistant Principal (S-Z)

I grew up around teachers in my family and it felt very natural for me to go into the same career.” With a mother, an uncle, and two siblings going into the field of education, the same path made sense to Mr. Hunt. With a love for social studies and a desire to understand how the past impacts us today, he taught US History and US Government. “When I look back at who my favorite teachers were in school…my social studies teachers were my favorite teachers. I loved their perspectives, stories, and insight on historical events.” He’s worked at a few schools in his time, including Riverton, Herriman, and West Jordan High.

In high school, Mr. Hunt was a member of his school’s marching band, having played trumpet and baritone. He worked through his college years at UVSC, (now UVU) as a server and then a manager at Los Hermanos Mexican Restaurant. When he switched schools to finish at BYU Idaho, he worked nights in the ER at the local hospital, “I saw a bunch of wild stuff come through those emergency room doors.”

Being raised in Sacramento as the second oldest of six, one of Mr. Hunt’s favorite memory was a two week road trip his father took his family on. Using a motorhome, his family traveled through Southern California, Nevada, and finally to Utah to visit family. “It was a fun, long, exciting trip that I’ll remember for a lifetime.” This has led him to do the same with his own wife and kids whenever he gets the chance. Other hobbies of his include golfing, and taking the time to work on beautifying his yard.

Mr. Veazie – Principal

Mr. Veazie’s original profession was physical therapy, but after finding a passion in teaching youth, he became a part time coach at Dixie High School alongside his day job in the assisted living industry. He was considered a paraprofessional since he was not a licensed professional at the time. As his day job got tougher, he realized that he wanted to keep teaching. He took the loss of pay for what he enjoyed. After going back to school to get his masters and a teaching certificate, he started off full time teaching at Copper Hills. He’s taught classes from consumer health to sports medicine to emergency medical response throughout his career, and after teaching places such as CHHS and Northridge, he decided to become an administrator.

Growing up in Kearns, Mr. Veazie participated in football where his team won state at the 4A classification. The program there was not the best, so an underdog team like theirs winning was a monumental success. It felt like most of the town was there, and that moment still sticks in his memory to this day. This moment led to getting a scholarship that took him through his bachelor’s degree. 

Hobbies usually related to sports and outdoors while growing up, things like basketball, baseball, and football the moment he was old enough. These days the sport he enjoys most often is golfing, since the years of sports and marathons have caught up with him. He’s maintained a love for the outdoors, mostly camping and just going on a destination-free journey with his wife. The scenery is beautiful, and sometimes you find a place you’d never think to look for.


After taking the time to learn about our administrators, it will quickly become clear these are real people. When we humanize them and come to understand what made them who they are today, we diminish our fear of them as authority, and the community of Copper Hills is stronger for it. By understanding the administrators, students are taking steps to create an environment where all feel welcome, safe, and comfortable. We should treat everyone with kindness, consideration, and respect, and that includes our awesome school administration.