For Food and Drinks, Grizzlies Have Options Right Up the Road


Allison Porter

Photo by Allison Porter, Restaurants at Corner of 7800 S 5600 W

An Asian American fast-food restaurant, Panda Express offers a plethora of food in their menu, from noodles to rice, and orange chicken to broccoli beef. With many combinations and marvelous flavors, you will always enjoy an amazing meal. Panda Express is open from 10am to 11pm. Angeles Garcia, a CHHS student and employee at Panda said, “It’s a great environment, and it’s not that hard to work there. The food is great, so being able to eat it every day is honestly such a blessing. It gives a lot of employee benefits, and the pay is great.”

Panda Express is now looking for people for their Highlands, West Jordan location. If you’re interested, check their website and be ready to apply when they begin hiring.


Tired of eating the same Arctic Circle combo during every single lunch period?  Culver’s, a well known Midwestern fast-food gem, offers fried foods, amazing hamburgers, and sweet custards and floats. Each day, they present a new featured flavor so every trip is never quite the same. Culver’s food completely satisfies, so it is a great way to spend your time at lunch. Make sure you stop by and apply for the Culver’s in your area, and if you’re interested in a job close to school, Culver’s in the Highlands area is a great option for you.


Everyone loves getting a kick in the morning, but what about an extra punch in the afternoon? Starbucks is now open close to our school, at 5542 W  7800 S. They offer a wide selection of coffee, teas, and other drinks. With their new Drive-Thru, it is much more convenient to purchase a drink. However, it is busier than the lobby according to Lourdes, a shift manager at this location. She has worked at another location before this one as well. “This one is a lot [newer] compared to the other one because it was just built but also all of the employees here are high school students which I’m not used to working with so that also makes it more fresh and new,” she said. Though they are not currently hiring, be sure to stop by for the seasonal drinks that are constantly changing.


What better way to enjoy your lunch than to try Papito Moes, a Puerto Rican restaurant serving all kinds of delicious food, is a small, family-owned business, with hard working managers that offer the best quality of food and customer service there is. It is open from 10am-8pm, make sure you go try the Caribbean Mofongos. They’re hiring all year long, starting at age 16.


Supporting small businesses around us helps out the community, the economy, and the business owners. Kim and Jesus Velazquez are two Puerto Ricans who had a dream of opening a restaurant with their own cultural food. Now, they have finally been able to make their dream come true in West Jordan, where they serve students and families around the city. 


Want More Info? Here’s a way to reach the restaurants around you.

  • (PAPITO MOES) 7786 S. 5600 W. Suite 101

West Jordan, UT 84081


  • (PANDA EXPRESS) Under construction near to the Del Taco. Phone number not yet known.
  • (CULVERS) 7711 5600 W, West Jordan, UT 84081 Phone number not yet known.
  • (STARBUCKS) 5710 W 7800 S, West Jordan, UT 84084 (801) 545-3470