Custodial Staff Spotlight

It’s a cold winter morning, and students rush through the door trying to get warm again. Not seeking any praise, Shawn holds the door for students to enter. Some say “thank you” as they make brief eye contact. However, others who are familiar with Shawn make brief conversation as they pass. He is their biggest supporter.

Working here for six years, it is needless to say Shawn is proud to be a Grizzly.   Not only does Shawn help maintain the school, he supports the students in their extracurricular activities, even during his free time. Though his duties have been more difficult due to COVID, he plows through because of his love for the students. 


Whether it’s football, volleyball, or band, he’s there. “I like to go to the games for the kids. I also do a second job on the weekend that I love. I work at Wal-Mart, and I love it, but this job here at Copper Hills, it means a lot more,” Shawn said.


Even if Shawn doesn’t know all of the students, he is kind to everyone. It is always a goal for him to make someone’s day. “I like to be the reason somebody smiles. That’s my goal” he said, “If I can make somebody’s day better, that’s what it’s all about.” 


Shawn loves to support the students/athletes, and one of them is the girls volleyball team. “My favorite thing about Shawn is that he is an unconditional fan. He attended our games when we were winning half our games. It doesn’t matter to him if we win. He’s there to support us,” said girl’s volleyball coach Silver Fonua.

“Shawn is selfless. He makes you want to be a better version of yourself. That’s a character trait you want in an athlete. He gets treats for the team all the time. He spends his vacation time to come watch games,” said Fonua and he continued, “It’s important to have people like him around because it reminds us that we can always be better human beings.”


We are so proud so say that we only have the best here at Copper Hills. We love you, Shawn.