Once a Grizzly, Always a Grizzly

Ah, life after high school. Many students choose to work, others attend college or travel. Mrs. McBee, one of our teachers who attended Copper Hills as a student, chose to go to Weber State University on a scholarship for Track and Field. Though she never planned on it, she somehow ended up teaching at the high school she once attended.

During her time here as a student, she was able to play girls basketball, participate in track and field, and manage the football team. Eventually, she received multiple offers from colleges to come and play for them. “I had an offer to UVU, and then I had been contacted for basketball for smaller schools, but it was after I had been approached by Weber and I wanted to go D1 so I went with track,” she said. 

“I was injured a lot and I kind of sucked my first couple years so it was hard to keep going knowing that I wasn’t doing well. But, I kept at it”, she said. In her senior year, she was able to win the conference championship. She continued, “It was kind of a miracle honestly. It shows sometimes things suck and they’re not easy, but in the end the reward is worth it,” she said.

After graduating from Weber, Mcbee came to Copper Hills to visit. McBee said, “Well, I came back to watch a basketball game and Quarnberg, who was my principal at the time, approached me and said, ‘You should think about teaching and coaching here.’ So, he planted the seed, but I didn’t really take it seriously.”

After a short period of time, McBee was approached once again to return to Copper Hills. “Me and my husband were living in Wyoming at the time for his work and then one of my family friends who was still here and high jumping asked if I would come and help coach for high jump” said McBee. About halfway through the season, Coach Smith, who was part of the basketball coaching staff at the time, announced that he was moving to Herriman, which meant a position became available. “I had thought about it more, about the possibility, and I was like, ‘Well, I think I can see myself doing it. Let’s just go for it. So, I did and here we are in year three,’” she said.

Though it was never planned, there were many opportunities that came about because of the little seed former Principal Quarnberg planted. “I’ve been able to progress throughout the years for basketball,” said McBee. She continued, “I also feel like I’ve learned a lot about myself. It was a weird way that I ended up back here, but I know that [Copper Hills] is where I’m supposed to be.”

Life may be hard and challenging at times, but it always ends up being worth it in the end! McBee shared, “Don’t sell yourself short and don’t give up. Try it all before you quit.”