A Blind Date with a Book


If you don’t have a valentine for Valentine’s Day and are looking for a date, go out on a blind date with a book. I went on a date recently with a book, and for the first time in a long time, a date ended on a fulfilling note. Luckily for Copper Hills students can take advantage of what Ms. Maloy, our head librarian, has set up.

Maloy has set up many books for a blind date. When picking a date you won’t be able to judge your choice by the cover. Instead there is a small description of what to expect from the date and a variety of genres available, from fantasy to romance. All these factors were able to give me a perfect date.

For my date, I knew that I was looking for a science fiction or fantasy book. There was one book that caught my eye. It was science fiction and the description was, “A boy that was harvested not born; The boy is a drug lord’s guarantee to immortality.” This small description had me hooked, and I was ready for the date. 

Ripping open the wrapping paper, I was surprised by the book and the contents inside. The book’s title was The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer. I couldn’t put the book down, literally. At the end I realized I would never have picked out this book without the help from the blind date with a book. This is an opportunity Copper Hills students should take advantage of, since it doesn’t come around often. You may just find your new favorite book.