Submit To CHASMS


Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have your work published in a nationally-award-winning magazine? Copper Hills students can submit their photography, mixed media, poetry, short prose, and 3D art to the school literary magazine, Chasms. I am excited to be this year’s Editor-in-Chief for Chasms, and I’m equally excited to see what amazing pieces Grizzlies will submit this year. Submitting your art to Chasms is not only a great opportunity, it may help you get your work out there and help you start your artistic or writing career. 

Chasms will be going digital this year. Having Chasms online will give students, faculty, and the community easy access and also allow us to update the magazine multiple times throughout the year as compared to just preparing it for one major print publication. Having the magazine online also means there are no restrictions on the amount of work that we can accept. While there will still be deadlines, students can expect multiple opportunities to get their work published throughout the year.

Being online also means versatility. This year we will be accepting videography. This could include slam poetry, short films, choreography and more. If your filming style is not on this list you can still send it in, there’s no harm in submitting. Also, feel free to hit us up with your own ideas for types of submissions if you have them. Our staff is very open to suggestions that students may have on improving or providing more options to students who worry that their chosen medium is not an option.

This year’s theme for Chasms is “lost and forgotten treasures.” We want to bring students’ creative treasures to light, but to do so, we need them to submit their school appropriate work. To submit, send an email with your work to [email protected].