Dreams Of Traveling Abroad


Scuba diving in the Maldives, ziplining through New Zealand, boating along the coast of Italy. What does it take to get to this point of bliss? On my adventure to find a way to make all these things happen I have found study abroad groups, internships, and humanitarian groups. Even during this crazy time there are still options for safe traveling for people who have dreams of going abroad.

Sister Bell, a seminary teacher at Copper Hills, had the opportunity to do an internship with DelSol. She went to Hawaii and worked for the summer learning about sales and marketing. “The summer after you graduate would be perfect,” said Sister Bell, “In between figuring out college just go have fun, don’t worry about your future.”  Internships are a great option for traveling and it just gives you time to let go and do something different before college. If you qualify and are accepted, this internship would pay for your travel and living expenses, and you would get to learn and explore somewhere new!

You may be thinking this is just another opportunity COVID has taken away from you, but travel is still happening. Bailey Reese, a former student at Copper Hills, is planning on traveling to Africa this January with a travel group called ILP.  ILP stands for International Language Program; students travel to other countries and teach English to the children living there. There is still a possibility of this trip being canceled just like anything else, but as of right now, it is still happening. “Save up your money and plan a trip, because most of the time it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity,” says Bailey, “also, I would say to do it while you’re young because the older you get the busier you get.” While there are always options for traveling, the older a traveler gets they travel less and they work more.

When deciding to travel abroad, cost is always something that stops us. Some study abroad groups cost thousands of dollars but they have fundraisers set up to help you earn that money. A less expensive option is internships, because sometimes they pay for all your expenses, like Delsol, and others just pay for specific parts. While finances can be challenging, there’s always a way to help you fulfill these dreams. 

Having dreams and goals of the future is what keeps us going especially during these hard times. Internships like Delsol and Americans for the Arts can help you travel and give you an opportunity to learn about business and marketing. They also give students wanting to travel an opportunity to work for them in various places while they pay for all your expenses. Humanitarian groups like ILP and HEFY offer planned service in places all over the world. These are just a few of the opportunities travelers have to begin fulfilling this dream! 

For more information about these study abroad opportunities you can go to https://www.hefy.org/ , https://ilp.org/ , and  https://www.delsol.com/about/intern-with-us