Paws For A Cause


Paws for a Cause is an annual fundraiser here at Copper Hills High School that is done to earn money to help benefit the West Jordan community. Because of the current circumstances, there is no monetary goal this year for Paws like in past years. This is because it would be unwise to set a goal that there’s no way our school could accomplish. Instead, a goal that Mr. Adamson would like to achieve is to give 100 kids Christmas.

For Juniors and Seniors, most of us remember Paws for a Cause from previous years and all the excitement and joy it brings to our school. While this current pandemic has changed the way the fundraiser must function, it can’t ruin the spirit of the fundraiser. 

This year, due to the world wide pandemic, the school has had to change a few ways Paws for a Cause runs. Restrictions are in place, and not all of our clubs can be in the commons at once. The clubs have to rotate in and out during different lunches; only three or four clubs can be in the commons at a time. 

Raising money this year was a little different from previous years. We still had SBO’s collecting money in their jars, the muffin man still helped raise money, just in a new way. Clubs had items that were on sale this year at their tables during lunch; like bracelets, nachos, stickers, sodas, and more. Also, to help raise money, SBO’s gave students an opportunity to buy raffle tickets to get a free year book and pie an SBO in the face. Lastly, a new way Copper Hills raised money this year was a QR code posted on social media so that kids could donate money through cards safely. 

There are no odd jobs this year. For those who don’t know what odd jobs are, they are when the SBO’s and people who want to help, go out to the neighborhoods around us and perform acts of service as fundraising opportunities. 

A Copper Hills High favorite, The Muffin Man delivery, has been made more safe this year. In previous years, the muffin man has come into our classrooms and let kids and faculty enjoy a muffin during class; sadly, this year that isn’t possible, but at least the muffin man has stuck and is available during A and B lunches. 

Throughout this pandemic Copper Hills still managed to raise money to help those in need. We may not have done it how we wanted to or how we remembered, but we still had lots of fun and made lots of memories this year for Paws. Hopefully, we reached our non-money goal and gave 100 kids a Christmas they deserve. Thank you fellow Grizzlies!


Update: We didn’t reach our goal sadly but we did help 26 kids and 8 families have an amazing Christmas. In total we raised $23,000. Way to go Grizzlies!