Copper Hills High School is shut down and transitioned into online learning.

Jordan School District transitioned Copper Hills High School to virtual learning due to rapid rising COVID cases within the school. There are currently 40 active cases and 196 students quarantined, as of this publication, according to the Jordan School District Covid-19 Dashboard. The Jordan School district board met to discuss Copper Hills November 4, 2020. The school board decided that the school would move to virtual learning starting November 5th until November 24th. For students and teachers, this means going back to virtual learning for the majority of the month of November.

Copper Hills has already come out with a schedule for virtual learning over Zoom. Teachers and students should plan on having a regular school schedule, but students will be learning from home. Transitioning to class over Zoom does bring up a few concerns such as technical difficulties, loud families, internet issues, and the dreaded zoom bombings. 

Although Copper Hills has been shut down this month, JATC programs have not. These programs have students from all the high schools in the district. Copper Hills students are still able to attend these classes as long as they haven’t been in contact with anyone with COVID and are free of symptoms. Several JATC students have already expressed relief when they found out they were still able to go to their JATC classes. This relief was for a few reasons: face-to-face interaction, being able to separate home from school, and being able to participate in these hands-on courses.