Tik Toks You Need to Watch ASAP


You didn’t ask for this, but you’re getting it anyway. Here’s my top 8 Favorite Tik Toks and why you need to drop everything and watch them:


  1. It’s Friday My Dudes… You Know What That Means (@elijahgrit)

Papa Noel, as he calls himself, counts down every Friday until Christmas by dancing to a “Here Comes Santa Claus” remix. If you miss the freaking best time of year as much as I do, these videos remind you that we’re almost there. Even if Christmas feels as fast approaching as a sloth taking grandma on a walk, it is coming.


  1. “Wrap Me in Plastic” Dancer Guys (@imjoeyreed)

These dudes legit just go wherever their followers tell them and do the exact same dance every time. So far, they’ve done their dance in front of the White House, on top of a car in the Chick-fil-A drive thru, on an escalator, on top of a billboard, and a bunch of other places. Yes, it’s the same song every time. Yes, it’s the same dance every time. Have I gotten sick of it yet? No, no I have not. Does my mom beg me to show her their new videos every day? Yes, yes she does.

  1. Laurie Hernandez Acting Challenge, 9/5/20 (@lauriehernandez_)

Forget Simone Biles. Why was Laurie Hernandez not America’s darling of the 2016 Summer Olympics?! If you don’t know who Laurie Hernandez is, it’s because she’s “that other gymnast.” But what the girl lacks in gold medals, she makes up for in acting, singing, dancing, humor, inspiration, etc., etc. Plus, I dub her the most adorable human to walk planet Earth. Explore her page with caution, kiddos; you might be there awhile.


  1. “Whoever Sent You This…” (ihrorahuindin)

If you ever want a clever way to tell someone you love them, support them, think they’re beautiful, or whatever else, check this guy out! He puts uplifting messages to some sick beats, and any friend would be thrilled to have one of these sent to them. Take a second to spread some love today!


  1. Hot Girls Who Hike, 7/3/20 (@ashtruss)

I’ve been laughing at this video for the last three months. It was definitely filmed in Utah because 1) there’s a Brighton sign in the background, and 2) one cannot go on a hike without experiencing this. If you hike with your hair down, all nice and straightened/curled, with cute little crop tops and black Nikes, you make the rest of us in cargo shorts and hiking boots feel bad. We still love you, but maybe you could just try a little less hard next time.


  1. Mad Hatter, 9/9/20 (@sofapitts)

Every time I think about this video, I bust out in laughter, and with Halloween soon approaching, it’s only appropriate that this video made it into the Top 3. As a kid, did you ever have the most incredible idea that your mom just couldn’t understand? And looking back, you can’t even understand it either? Let’s relate together by watching this funny af video.


  1. Polar Express Theme Song Reaction, 8/8/20 (@itslandon)

I know what you’re thinking, and yes; my For You Page is consumed with Christmas Tik Toks, but this one, this one right here, will give you actual chills! Chills, I tell you! Just imagine you’ve settled in on the couch near the brightly lit Christmas tree, with hot cocoa in hand, wrapped in your favorite blanket, and the most iconic Christmas movie of our childhood comes on – The Polar Express! Just hear the sweet sound of its opening and ending music. Allow that glorious music to fill your heart. You have now reached the ultimate state of bliss.


  1. Suck Helium and Sing, 9/21/20 (@oneilthomas97)

Coming in at #1 is this dude’s rendition of “Shawty of a Lil Baddie” (which he sings after sucking helium from a giant sunflower balloon)! I cannot accurately describe how pee-your-pants hilarious this is. This is the guy you want at every party you ever throw. The swag is immaculate. He is as boujee as it gets, folks. This Tik Tok is everything that is good with the world.