Black Face At Copper Hills High School

On October 5th, 2020 an employee of Copper Hills posted a picture of herself in what appears to be blackface. 

“No politics. No covid. No negativity. Post a picture of something black from your camera roll. The more random, the better! I’ll give you a color from your own page. Here’s my picture …. And Go!” Followed by a picture of her face covered in a black circle, red lips, with gray eyebrows and her eyes shut with an arch of white on the eyelids. 

The post appears to have been taken down, but Twitter users posted the screen shot along with the employee’s profile picture, which featured a background photo of a Blue Lives Matter Flag.

Two days later on October 7th, people on social media were furious that Copper Hills was not firing the staff member. As social media took to twitter to express their feelings and personal interactions with Copper Hills. The employee has been put on leave.

On Twitter Copper Hills replied with “We are aware of this concern. The tweet has been removed. This has been addressed according to District policy. We do not condone nor tolerate racism. Mistreatment of any individual/group is unacceptable. Welcome, safe, & comfortable through kindness, consideration, & respect!” 

We reached out to administrators and they provided us with this quote. “The part-time aide responsible for a recent Facebook post on a personal account was immediately removed from her position at Copper Hills High School and placed on administrative leave. The school and District are conducting a thorough investigation into this incident. We follow District procedures and protocols in dealing with personnel matters involving disciplinary action.”