The world of Copper Hills alumni, Daud Mumin.



Daud Mumin is a first-year student at Westminster College, a first-generation Somalian American student, and a proud African Muslim to parents who immigrated to the United States in 1996 from Somalia. Daud is also an activist against racism, homophobia, discrimination, harassment, and xenophobia.


As a child, Daud noticed his family was being treated differently by members of his community. “One of my earliest memories is when I was four years old and I saw my mom’s license picture and her eyes were full of tears and that’s because the man taking her picture was just harassing her,” said Mumin. In 2005, Daud and his family took a five-year vacation to Cairo Egypt. When they came back in 2010, Daud was nine years old and started learning English as his third language. Daud learned English through a very hard “sink or swim” program, an unfortunate reality for many people. The program he was in to learn English was a three year rigorous and immersive program. At the age of 12, he passed his English Learner’s test, and at the age of 13, his activism really began. 


His motivation to pursue activism began when he saw that same picture of his mom. “I saw my mom crying in her license picture and I remember that it just sort of became a full circle of just growing up feeling like my identity was under attack and then at thirteen I was trying to take action,” said Mumin. From there, he started going to protests, going to town halls, trying to help wherever he could, and just living in the shadows of all his work. Society wasn’t always on his side though. People told him that he was too young to be there, that he had no business being there, and that he didn’t know what opinions he had. 


At 16 years old, Mumin started taking on a leadership role in his work. He began to work with Black Lives Matter Utah and local representatives, including those in congress. The March For Our Lives organization started on February 15, the day after the Parkland school shooting. At 17, on March 24, Daud started working with March for our Lives. He has been the communications director of the March For Our Lives Utah organization for a year and is a National Spokesperson for the national organization. 


Currently, Daud is studying justice studies and international relations at Westminster College. He is the Mx. winner at Westminister, which raised over $3000 for the Rape Recovery Center. Mx. Westminster is awarded to one student a year who is the college’s student advocate. He continues to do gun violence prevention work, anti-racist, and discrimination work, which he will have been doing for almost six years. He also is an advocate for Bernie Sanders and has spoken at some of Sanders’ campaigns this year. 


Daud is a great example of finding passion towards a subject and not giving up no matter the circumstances. Find what fuels your fire and keep going to make a change in this world. To keep up with Daud and what he does next, you can follow him on Instagram @daud.mumin.