Interview: Roxy Earle


Three years after leaving the world of housewives, Instagram influencer, Roxy Earle, is changing the way the body positivity community is seen. 


I got the chance to catch up with Roxy Earle, or @luxuriousroxy, as she’s known on Instagram to her 90,000 plus followers, while she was working with a massive brand in Canada called Joe Fresh. Like other brands that Earle works with, Joe Fresh is seeking to make their brand inclusive to all bodies.


Earle’s movement of shining new light on the body positivity community began for her when she had an awakening of her own while on the reality show, “The Real Housewives of Toronto.” She  couldn’t find any clothes that were both stylish and that fit her. So she took it upon herself to find clothes to wear for the show. She pushed past the tears that were shed in the dressing rooms of every store and she found the stylish and fabulous clothes that she craved on her own. 


“When I started being on the show and [when] the show came out there was these moments that you could tell that everyone got to have this fairy princess moment and then there was me, the ugly duckling where nothing fit. I just knew in that moment that I was going to play a role for women that would be about ending that [scenario of] crying in changing rooms and making girls feel less than because of their bodies. I just knew that this was something I needed to do in my life. It was my purpose,” said Earle. 


Since that life-changing moment on “The Real Housewives of Toronto,” Roxy has started her own movement and her own popular hashtag, #mysizerox which started when a journalist asked her how it felt to be the first plus-size housewife. She replied by saying that she wasn’t plus size, she was her size and her (my) size rocks. Earle collaborates with clothing brands to make their size range more inclusive. She helps brands to design clothing that is for women of all sizes, and she models for brands that promote inclusivity. 


As an influencer Roxy hopes she isn’t the only person that will embrace body positivity and self love, that her followers will too. “I think that it doesn’t matter if you are trying to date girls or guys or whoever you’re trying to date, same sex anything like that. Do not get serious with anyone until you are deep into university (college). Just focus on being you. Focus on your own happiness. Focus on making yourself the best you can be and whatever you are looking for in love, it will come to you. When people project happiness and they are great people, they just attract amazing things,” said Earle. 


You can still love yourself and eat healthy and exercise. Body positivity and self love is about loving yourself no matter your size and loving yourself enough to strive for what you want. We are all unique so don’t compare yourself to others. We are all meant to be different. You do not have to be stuck at one size forever. But remember to be healthy in a healthy way, don’t take dangerous risks. 


To listen to my entire interview with Roxy, you can visit her Instagram, @luxuriousroxy. I highly recommend following Roxy and other body positivity influencers on social media and listening to the advice they give out.