Springville Art Competition 2020

Copper Hill’s Art Department exhibiting Grizzlies’ Art


Copper Hills High School is full of artistically-minded teens. From the weekly news broadcast to the paintings and photographs lining the halls, each student’s creativity is displayed for the whole school. All artistic CHHS students also have the special opportunity to enter their pieces in the Springville Museum of Art’s Utah All-State High School Art Show.


“I feel that Springville is not the one and only art place. It is an opportunity. We believe in giving kids an opportunity. We believe in giving kids who are interested in art opportunities the chance to succeed and get some scholarships for money. If they don’t make it in… who cares. At least they’re being creative and learning,” said Amanda Campos, CHHS Art Department Head.


The 48th Annual Springville Art Show is taking place February 8, through March 20, 2020. According to the Museum’s website, pieces must be original artwork, students can only submit a maximum of two pieces, and the artist must be in 11th or 12th grade. The accepted mediums are drawing, painting, photography or digital art, and 3D art. Students entered in the show will compete against college art students, and can even sell their work to the public if they choose. There is also an option for a year long traveling art show during which the students’ work will travel through Utah art shows through the 2020-2021 school year.


Students hoping to submit next year should know that the process takes a good chunk of the year to prepare and submit.


Many talented CHHS students not only submitted their work to Springville this year, but a good number were accepted, and some even took home major awards. The students who submitted their art to Springville from Copper Hills are:

Manuela Castro- Acrylic and Oil Paint (accepted) “Elliot” Won Best in Show
Dominick Atencio- Mixed media printmaking
Nicholas Bauer- Welded metal Sculpture
Kaleb Belnap- Acrylic Paint
Tyler Davis- Wood Sculpture
Olivia Ethington – Photography (2)
Leonardo Garcia- Mixed Media Watercolor and Oil Paint (2x accepted) “Two Thoughts in One” and “Past Serenity”
Aaron Geisler – Monoprint (accepted) “Mountain Bike”
Emily Jensen- Wood 2D Sculpture
Bradley Johnson- Design (accepted) “Low Calcium”
Victoria McNair- Ink
Milan Mena-Espinosa- Collage and Oil paint
Brilee Miller- Oil Paint and Ink (2x accepted) “Consequence” and “Reality Bites”
Rhyen Noble- Charcoal on Wood “Deleted 1578937672.173091.jpg”
Maxwell Parkin- Pencil Sculpture
Audrey Secrist – Photography
Dylan Snook- Photography
Mimi Tran- Oil on board (2) (2x accepted) “Smolder” and “Flourish” Won the Masters Academy of Art scholarship
Emily Wight – Photography
Ryan Allred- Oil on Board and Mixed Media (accepted) “Self-Imposed Baggage”
Camryn Estrada- Oil on canvas (accepted) “Stack”
Marshal Mciff- Photography


The main purpose for the Springville competition isn’t necessarily to win, but to be able to practice artistic skills and to find your medium or style. “Art is made by experimentation and lots of failures until you finally succeed. Experimentation is the true form of learning,” Campos said, “I hope art promotes how a human can navigate themselves in a visual world.” Springville is a stepping-stone on the way to a great artistic career.


In the end, Springville received 1093 entries from 105 different schools. According to the Springville website, smofa.org, the artistic jurors had a difficult time choosing only 341 pieces to represent.
Recently, Copper Hills had their own school-wide art show in the library composed of works by concurrent enrollment students. There were many fantastic pieces representing each artists’ interests, emotions, or experiences. The teachers of the Copper Hills art department chose which works would win this show.


If you would like to submit your artwork to the Copper Hills Art Show or try to get a piece submitted to Springville next year, speak to any of our award-winning art faculty or consider taking an art class. If you’re serious about art, the department’s concurrent enrollment and AP courses are incredible. If you have questions, feel free to stop by the art hall on the South West corner of the 2nd floor.