Dance Culture at Copper Hills

A culture that brings unity and success through the walls of Copper Hills

Dance is a very prevalent culture at Copper Hills High School. We have a large amount of clubs and teams that participate in dance one way or another. Although all teams at this school have a different definition for dance, they still use their bodies to move in a way that brings entertainment and pride to the school.

Ballroom is a type of dance that requires a lot of knowledge outside of dance, dancers have to learn dances from all sorts of cultures and styles. According to Parker Smith, Junior, “Ballroom is about putting on a show and entertaining the audience.” Smith believes ballroom is so exciting to watch because it shows that boys can dance too, which can help bring together the community that is Copper Hills High School. Boys and girls are welcome at ballroom tryouts March 18th, 19th, and 20th.


Cheer uses dance to bring the school and crowd together and show school pride. Captain and senior, Madee Spear, says that cheer is a sport where they use their skills to not only cheer on other teams, but also to compete for themselves. Spear says cheer brings the school together by using the “small things, from cheering on the crowd to supporting every sport and making sure everyone knows they are important and they have a place.”


Dance Company, isn’t a type of dance, but a team that comes together to perform. To be a member you need to be a very well-rounded dancer because they learn and choreograph in various styles. Our Dance Company has been given a superior ranking at adjudication, and they will be attending again this year for another ranking. Senior, Saley Nordfelt believes Dance Company is a place where she can push herself out of her comfort zone in order to reach her full potential. Nordfelt also believes that, “Dance Company brings Copper Hills together by using the skills we have learned in order to make Copper Hills a better place.¨ If you are interested in being in the Dance Company, the auditions for the 2020-2021 team are March 10th, 11th, and 12th.


The Drill Team must compete routines in three different styles of dance: military, character, and dance. The Copper Hills Azurettes are seven-time state champs, and they were very happy to compete at state again this year. Captain and senior, Shaela Crespin believes drill is still dance, they just do some things a little different. Crespin said, “for example, we do military where you need to be very sharp and hard hitting, and other dancers outside of Drill don’t usually do military.” Crespin also explained that the Drill Team brings people together by performing at the games and pumping up the crowd. Drill Team tryouts are March 3rd and 4th, everyone is welcome.


The theatre club at Copper Hills uses dance as just one part of their picture. They put on plays and improve shows where they will use dance briefly to help get their story across. Theatre Council Secretary and senior Tyden Gee says that theatre has changed his life in many ways and has created “many lifelong friendships.” Gee believes, “theatre brings Copper Hills together in ways other clubs don’t have the chance to.” This is because theatre can combine acting, singing and dancing which brings together all types of people. Although you do have to audition to be in the theatre company, there are still theatre classes available.


Overall, Copper Hills has a dance culture that brings so much unity and success to our school. From halftime performances to competitions and just showing their pride around the halls. The students in the dance community at Copper Hills are definitely proud to be Grizzlies.