Seven-Year-Streak LOST!

For the past seven years, our Copper Hills Drill team has dominated the state competition, sweeping at regions, semi-finals, and state. However, this year that streak has sadly ended. In regions, they placed 3rd in military, 2nd in dance and 1st character. Overall placing second, right behind Bingham.


At state, the results were even more devastating. They placed 3rd in military, 4th in dance and 3rd in character for an overall placement of 4th. All of Copper Hills students were deeply saddened to see this outcome and the loss of the seven-year streak they’ve been building. However, we know that our girls worked extremely hard and each and every one of them tried their very best. We’re so proud to have them represent our school. 


Sadly though, this was a little bit more than just breaking a streak. If Copper Hills had won this year, that would’ve broken the state record for longest winning streak which is held by Bingham of seven years. Now both Copper Hills and Bingham now hold this record. Who will be the one to break it next?