Dancing Across Districts

Copper Hills Dance Company

Copper Hills Dance Company

On Monday, January 13th all the dance company’s and ballrooms in the Jordan School District performed in a District Concert at Herriman High School. All the teams performed two dances and showed off their talents to the other schools. 


The event lasted a whole day, at the beginning of the day the dance companies and the ballrooms all took classes from some of the coaches from other schools. The dance coach at Copper Hills taught a contact improv class while the Mountain Ridge coach taught an upbeat hip hop class. 


All the schools got to perform for each other, it was a good way to make sure all the dancers were able to see all the other schools perform. Finally, there was a performance for everybody’s family and friends. All the schools are very well rounded and have some amazing dancers. 


Although there were many teams performing together it is not a competition. It was just a way to show all the other schools what we have been working on. All the teams had the whole day together so they were able to bond and get to know each other more, which is always a good thing for a team.