A German Tradition Continues with this Christmas Market


Olivia Ethington

Christkindlmackt ran from December 4-7 at This is the Place Heritage Park

Beth Brewster, Web Editor

Christmas markets in Germany, traditionally called the Christkindlmarkt, have been around since the mid-1500s. Each town in Germany has local tradesmen who sell their wares at the Christkindlmarkt, which has given each market an individual flavor. Food and beverages served are produced in diverse regions, so each town’s offerings are a little different. These traditional,  uniquely produced goods are taken throughout the world to different markets in all sorts of places, including here in Salt Lake City. 


The Christkindlmarkt 2019 holiday season for Salt Lake City has been held Dec 4th-7th. It is an annual market, so if you missed this year, you will still be able to get waffles, bratwurst, and various trinkets and handcrafted holiday items.


Germans grow up going to their town’s Christkindlemarkt several times during the week and similarly, here in Utah, many people go several times over the limited amount of days the market is open. If you can only go once, it will still be a highly cultural market experience. There are many different booths full of various German things that have brought the Christmas spirit to hearts, including different types of waffles and other traditional German food, wooden crafts and decorations, jewelry, and even some clothing items.

Although the prices are higher in the U.S. than they are in Germany, the spirit and culture are very much the same. Mrs. Hickenlooper, Copper Hill’s German teacher,  fondly recalls the first time she went to the Christkindlmackt here in the U.S and more specifically, Utah, “I had tears in my eyes. I would say they did a fabulous job making it as German as they can in America and that is also why I love taking my students and sharing a part of my culture in a setting that is about as real as you can get without really going to Germany.” 


The Christkindlmarkt in Salt Lake has a motto to inspire people to put the ‘kind’ into Christkindlmarkt through volunteer and service activities, during the festivities, that go to help and inspire those in need throughout the Salt Lake Valley by creating cards for people in less than ideal situations. This statement has inspired market participants to implement this motto into their lives.


No matter what your ancestral background is, everyone can go out and support our Utah-German culture and get new experiences and traditions while they’re at it, so get out there and support, Grizzlies!