Winter Fashion

Jinda Kumpin, Staff Writer

Fall and winter are both cold seasons, but their styles are different. Fall fashion uses a lot of warmer colors and clothes that cover your body more but aren’t as heavy to wear. Winter fashion uses a lot of darker and heavier items, like a heavy wool sweater.


A few comfy winter ideas for boys include a pair of dress pants paired with a long sleeve and a vest layered over it, with shoes of your choice. One more idea is any pair of jeans with a hoodie and any t-shirt layered over it, also with shoes of your choice.


For girls, a sweater dressed with jeans or dress pants and tucking it in is an optional, and boots or any pair of shoes. Another idea is wearing jeans with a hoodie and a flannel layered over it, with shoes of your choice.


Current Copper Hills Junior Vice President, Parker Smith, shares his favorite go-to comfy and dressed up outfits. For his comfy outfit, Smith likes to wear slim fit jeans with a hoodie and sneakers. Smith says, “it is comfy yet we can still look poppin.”


When talking about Smith’s dressed-up outfit he says, “I love a good turtle neck with some sort of jacket and docs or timbs.” This is Smith’s go-to dressed-up outfit in the winter because he still stands outs and feels comfortable.


For a more dressed up look for boys, you could wear dress pants with a turtleneck tucked in and a pair of dress shoes with some jewelry, to add more to your outfit. Another option is to wear a button-down for this outfit. 


For girls, a skirt with a sweater or turtleneck and tights with a pair of boots. Also, adding jewelry or wearing a hair accessory will add more to your look. You could also wear a dress and layer a turtleneck under the dress, or a sweater over the dress.


Since winter is super cold, it’s harder to get up and try new things when you have your go-to warm outfit just sitting right in front of you. To try different things, you can change up your outfits by experimenting with different colors, or styles of shirts and pants, but make sure you stay warm this winter.